Rachel Maddow: “His name is… Mike Rogers. This confluence of where he lives and his name led the Michigan Advance to build the perfect headline for this story, which is ‘Where is Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood?’”

LANSING — Mike Rogers is facing more scrutiny for owning “a $1.7 million mansion” in Cape Coral, and still being “registered to vote in Florida.” As Courier Newsroom reported, “If this remains his status, Rogers technically wouldn’t even be able to vote for himself in Michigan.”

Rachel Maddow highlighted that Rogers wants “to be the Senator from Michigan, but he does appear to be registered to vote in Florida at his very nice house in Cape Coral, Florida, where he is registered with the Republican Party of Florida — voter status active.”

WATCH: Rachel Maddow calls out Rogers for being “registered to vote in Florida:”

Read Courier Newsroom’s reporting on Rogers owning “a $1.7 million mansion” in Cape Coral:

Courier Newsroom: Four Republican Senate Candidates Who Aren’t Really From the State They’re Running In

  • When it comes to running for Senate, the Constitution dictates that you must be a resident of the state you are running in at the time of the election. It is silent, however, when it comes to people who own a condo in-state just to tick that box and continue to mostly live in an entirely different place. 
  • But while there is no rule explicitly banning this, there certainly is an unspoken one: if you can’t even bother to truly live in a state and get to know its communities, why should you deserve to represent them in the Senate?
  • Now that [Mike Rogers] is running to challenge Democratic candidate, Rep. Elissa Slotkin, for Michigan’s open Senate seat, however, things have appeared to change. Public records show that Rogers appears to have moved to Cape Coral, Florida in 2015, where he owns a $1.7 million mansion and is still listed as a current resident and voter there. If this remains his status, Rogers technically wouldn’t even be able to vote for himself in Michigan.

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