Before Kevin Rinke gears up to buy this election, here’s what happened this week with Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial candidates:

Entire GOP Field Still Refuses to Answer Questions on Whether They Support  the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Today marks two weeks since the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed Congress – a humongous win that will help fix Michigan’s infrastructure with critical investments for replacing and repairing roads and bridges, replacing lead water pipes, expanding public transportation, and providing high-speed internet coverage to every corner of the state. 

So far, nothing will make any of the 12 Republicans vying to be Michigan’s next governor accept the reality that infrastructure is important.. Even as President Biden floored an electric truck through James Craig’s backyard at the General Motors Factory Zero 100% EV plant in Detroit, the gubernatorial candidate declined to build on his previous statement that Michigan’s infrastructure was not “one of [his]priorities.” 

At one point, we at the MDP got so fed up with the collective hyperpartisan blindfolds that we issued a blank press release to call attention to the unacceptable fact that these Republicans have brought Michiganders no closer to knowing how they intend to tackle one of the state’s most critical issues. 

Garrett Soldano Has Unnamed Smoke for James Craig

James Craig should change his name to ‘infrastructure’ so Garrett Soldano stops talking about him. Though Soldano declined to call Craig out by name during one of his recent live streams, the well-documented anti-vaxxer had plenty to say about Craig’s work as Detroit Police Chief:

“With one campaign that enforced draconian lockdowns, and were bragging about it on social media that the Detroit Police Department gave out I don’t know 1000s of tickets for being outside and closed businesses for defying the governor’s orders. And his excuse and his answer was, Well, I was following orders because I was appointed by the mayor. That doesn’t hold weight with me…if you come out and say that you were just following orders, then what are you going to do next time, when you’re in a position of power or authority? Are you going to just follow orders?”

Soldano also once again alluded to the MIGOP party insider-fueled coronation that has been taking place all cycle in Craig’s favor: “We must continue to stand up and get behind the people who are going to stand up for the people. All right, not for who the establishment thinks is a good candidate, it’s up to you to decide who that candidate is.”

And He’s Back on His Anti-Vaxx Nonsense

Since this pandemic began, Garrett Soldano has made prolonging the impacts of COVID-19 his sole priority. First, he hawked Juice Plus+, a multi-level marketing supplement that he claimed would “literally” turn consumers’ bodies “into an environment of greatness and you’ll dominate any virus.” And now, Soldano has once again taken to social media to rampantly spew anti-vaxx disinformation, this time spreading the dangerous lie that “vaccines are increasing transmission, faster transmission, and they’re producing what’s called more hotter variants.”

Thanksgiving is on the horizon, please get vaccinated so that you can prevent getting your loved ones sick during the holiday.

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