Clearly the DeVoses have still yet to furnish their sellout Tudor Dixon with either a clock or calendar. For what it’s worth, ours are telling us there’s only 60 days left to make a case to Michigan voters. Here’s the developments you missed, most likely because Dixon continues to “ke[ep] a low profile.”

No But Seriously, Where is Disappearing Dixon?

MDP spent the week conducting a search-and-rescue mission for Disappearing Dixon, who remains MIA from the campaign trail more than a month after the primary. We largely came up empty, but there’s at least proof of life in her decidedly unhinged tweets and national cable appearances, both of which have served as sad excuses for a campaign that actually interacts with real Michigan voters.

Former Employee of Michigan Steel? You are Most Certainly Entitled to Financial Restitution.

We knew Dixon took her acting career seriously, but we didn’t think she’d go full method to get the attention of Horrible Bosses’ casting director. Just after Labor Day, Bridge Michigan was out with a piece running the full gamut of the walking liability known as Michigan Steel. Dixon has flexed on the trail how she was involved in “every aspect” of the Muskegon foundry’s day-to-day operations. That’s certainly one way to put it. 

We’ve been talking all week about the fact that Dixon’s “leadership” was marked by Industrial Revolution-era workplace injuries, bounced paychecks issued to everyone from the intern to the CEO, and lawsuits from nearly every vendor that had the displeasure of contracting with this cursed company. Let’s just roll the quotes:

  • Former Michigan Steel HR employee: “Nobody wanted to work there because it was so friggin’ dangerous.”
  • Former industry partner whose company sued Michigan Steel over unpaid bills from 2008: “It seemed to be half-assed. […] Michigan Steel appeared to be maintaining its own operation by using ‘other companies’ money,’ essentially borrowing funds by delaying payments.”
  • Same partner: The foundry was so old “there were portions where you would swear it was a dirt floor. […] It was dirty. It was nasty.”

‘Nuff said.

Desperate Dixon Again Tries to Distract from Her Plan to Ban Abortion Outright 

As much as Tudor Dixon would like to pretend Michigan voters aren’t Extremely Fired Up about maintaining a right to their own bodies, clearly one or both of her two staffers has seen the writing on the wall. 

Last night, following the news that the ballot petition to codify abortion rights will indeed be on November’s ballot, Dixon offered what’s easily the most disingenous responseof all time: vote for language that functionally protects your reproductive freedom *and* the Dixon-Henandez administration that is staunchly committed to banning abortion, already looking for ways around it up to and including installing judges and prosecutors at all levels to make that protection fundamentally useless. And that’s what’s in the bold print.

For her desperate effort, she was called out this morning by Crain’s Business Detroit reporter Dave Eggert: “Dixon is trying to peel off some pro-abortion rights voters who support the ballot initiative to vote for her. She is staunchly anti-abortion, supporting the 1931 ban & opposing exceptions in cases of rape or incest.”

Right to Life can’t be too pleased about that. Perhaps they should be in the business of crisis messaging centers instead.

Fellas is it Fascist to Pose in Front of a Right Wing Militia Flag While Buying Honey?

Farmers markets just aren’t what they used to be anymore. 

Before you could buy local goods and produce in peace without some extremist plant backing you into a corner, trying to make it look like you think the only thing sweeter than honey is the complete dismantling of our democracy. 

Wait, sorry– *touches earpiece* we’re getting word that Dixon’s running mate Shane Hernandez actually…deliberately stood and posed square in front of a Three Percenters flag, completely of his own volition like it was his first day at Fascist Academy. Nevermind!

At this point, we’re just bracing to hear his “did not notice” it excuse once more when similar winks and nods to the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers crop up.

Tudor Avoid Bureau of Elections Jail for One (1) Seven-Day Period Challenge

For all her claims to be a LaW aNd OrDeR candidate, Tudor’s operation just can’t seem to stop violating the most basic components of Michigan campaign finance law. First, her PAC Michigan Strong got a complaint filed against it earlier this year for accepting a $5,000 contribution from a “non-existent” entity named “Tudor PAC” that even her own advisor acknowledged was a violation that had not been “properly reported.” Then just last week, another complaint was levied against her campaign directly for failing to report a summer fundraiser hosted by the DeVos family and attended by nearly 200 people. 

Clearly those two infractions weren’t enough of a wakeup call for her campaign finance team to clean up their act. Just yesterday, Gongwer reported that Dixon’s campaign once again was accused of “fail[ing] to report two fundraising events on her post-primary campaign finance filing” for a total of three separate complaints.

If this is what Dixon’s money management looks like at a relatively small scale, we’d hate to see how she bungles our taxpayer dollars.

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