Welcome to the last full month of the campaign! Not only is it officially spooky season, October is the one month Tudor Dixon can wear anything from her “gory” film career without causing alarm. However, the horror in “Buddy BeBop vs. the Living Dead” can’t light a candle to her wrong-for-Michigan agenda that has been earning plenty of screams all year round. Here’s what curdled the blood this week.

Stop Us if You’ve Heard This: Even Republicans Don’t Like Tudor Dixon

Republican Bob LaBrant, the former senior vice president for political affairs and general counsel who served at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for 35 years, has no time for games. With 38 days left, he issued a massive warning to everyone on his side of the aisle that Tudor Dixon, along with Republican Attorney General and Secretary of State nominees Matt DePerno and Kristina Karamo, round out “the most unqualified state-level ticket in recent Michigan history.”

How so? Let me count the ways, said Bob in the op-ed he penned for Detroit Free Press this week. Chief grievances (aka facts) hinged on the reality that Dixon “has spent much of her campaign looking backward,” right down to doing her damndest to reverse the outcome of the 2020 election and repeatedly gripe about Whitmer taking every length to save lives during the pandemic (how dare she!).

To Dixon’s credit, she is uniting Republicans, just not in the direction she would’ve hoped for. We’re currently taking bets on how many more she loses next week.

Tudor Dixon is a Dangerous Election Denier

We know it, Tudor Dixon knows it. There is no ambiguity here. She “has said repeatedly that the 2020 election was stolen” and agreed during numerous Republican primary debates “that widespread election fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in Michigan.” If that’s not enough for you, we also put together a handy-dandy list of the several times she’s trotted out an election conspiracy theory to stoke public distrust in the democratic process.

And why baselessly cast doubt on one cycle when you can just rinse and repeat for infinity cycles? To date, Dixon has refused to commit to accepting next month’s election results four separate times in a row.

Out-of-State Special Interests Line Up Behind Dixon’s Anti-Abortion Extremism

For someone who continues to argue that the governor’s race isn’t about abortion and that governors are simply left to wring their hands and huff loudly as legislation flies around their heads, Tudor Dixon keeps managing to rack up support from special interests that sure seem convinced she’s their best shot to advance their anti-choice agenda.

This week, National Right to Life emphatically endorsed Dixon and specifically noted that if elected she would be well situated to implement all kinds of legislation that eliminates reproductive rights for millions of Michigan women and families without exception. 

Added kicker here is that in a recent interview, Dixon said the following about abortion without a single shred of irony: “But honestly, abortion in the state of Michigan, we have to be honest about this is going to be decided by the people. And you should never have someone running for governor or a governor who believes that they can make decisions for you.”

…we accept withdrawals from the race by whichever mode of communication suits you, Tudor.

If Assassination is Your Defense for Jokes About Political Violence, We Don’t Even Know What to Tell You

Listen, candidates exhibiting as much “desperation” as Tudor Dixon tend to swing for the fences in the worst way this time of year, and she is certainly in her “throwing whatever they can against the wall to see what sticks” era. But even that’s not enough to explain her unhinged defense of the kidnapping jokes she made last weekend. Dixon had to top those remarks off with an even more disturbing and dangerous claim that violence and threats are part and parcel of American politics.

After everyone with access to the internet covered her crude and utterly disqualifying comments, Dixon told MLive that joking about political violence was cool because, “I think threats of violence are part of what … we’ve been dealing with in the political world for ages, right?” And the following is also a direct quote, “I mean, look at Abraham Lincoln.”

Well, no one has been able to do that since he was literally assassinated. So.

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