Weekly Roundup: James Craig (R-Calamity), Tudor Dixon’s Audit Insanity, and Ryan Kelley’s Marketing Tragedy

Well folks, the primary season for Michigan Republicans is afoot. Here’s what you missed this week in the race for governor:

Congratulations are in order for James Craig on completing what has to be his third rollout in as many months at this point. But this particular reboot tour should’ve stayed in the drafts. MDP has extensively highlighted what a disaster this week was for the Detroit Dodger, but honorable mentions include him fleeing the scene of his first event as an “official” candidate, claiming — as a former cop, and without evidence — that those that disrupted his event were paid to do so, and chest-thumping that he leads from the front while he was actively hiding out on the roof of a building in a gated complex.

Jokes aside, Craig fell flat where it matters most — the issues that matter to Michiganders.

Infrastructure, something that impacts all of our lives and is vital to Michigan’s economy, was deemed not a priority by Craig — a statement that flabbergasted Michigan reporters. Things didn’t fare better when the topic shifted to what steps Craig would take to preserve the right to choose in Michigan. He refused to rule out throwing his support behind a Texas style abortion ban in Michigan that makes no exceptions for rape or incest.

All in all, it was a horrible week that no doubt sent shockwaves through the party insiders that have gone out of their way to prop up his campaign thus far. In their defense, we’d be nervous too if we saw these headlines:

DEADLINE DETROIT: LeDuff: James Craig Looked Like A Loser In Front Of Trump (Who Doesn’t Like Losers)

DEADLINE DETROIT: James Craig Bellyflops In Belle Isle Campaign Announcement

DETROIT METRO TIMES: James Craig’s ‘official’ Campaign Launch Was A Complete Clusterf**k

Meanwhile, the other candidates are doing their best to avoid getting eclipsed. 

Tudor Dixon went back to her roots, the grassroots that is, with a [we’ve lost count]uple-down on her commitment to stage an Arizona-style circus audit in Michigan. She took her appeal straight to Newsmax, no less. Guess she heard it’s fringe statewide candidate endorsement season.

Ryan Kelly and Ralph Rebandt also made waves this week, giving the following quotes at a county GOP event. We’d specify who said what or the context of their words but trust us on this one, it wouldn’t make any more sense: 1) “I thought Joe Biden should be arrested and tried for treason in the United States of America.” 2) “I thought it would be a good idea to set up something like ICE in the state of Michigan.” 3) “…our country is under attack by Satanists.”

Ok you caught us, it’s all Ryan Kelley. Want more? You can catch him tomorrow at the ‘Insurrection Afterglow’ party he’s hosting in Hillsdale. 

There’s still somehow 11 more months to go folks. Have a great weekend.

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