Democrats herald 1-year anniversary of President Biden’s investment in clean energy and the middle class here in Michigan

LANSING— Along with the Michigan Democratic Party, Democratic leaders across the state celebrated the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act in the year since President Biden signed it. On Wednesday, Representatives Dingell and Stevens joined Lieutenant Governor Gilcrest on a press call hosted by the Michigan Dems to highlight the IRA’s contributions to Michigan. 

To read more about the anniversary celebration, check out the story below: 

Michigan Advance: Michigan Dem leaders tout climate, health initiatives in the Inflation Reduction Act’s first year

MDP was first in line to lift up the accomplishments of Democrats up and down the ballot:

Michigan Democrats:

And Democratic leaders everywhere touted the Inflation Reduction Act as a historic achievement that will usher in a new future for Michigan:

Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

Senator Gary Peters:

Senator Debbie Stabenow:

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell:

Representative Haley Stevens:

Congresswoman Hillary Scholten:

Evergreen Action: 

Michigan Infrastructure Office:

Michigan Moms:

As we enter the second year of the IRA delivering historic results for Michiganders, Michigan Democrats are continuing to celebrate its groundbreaking investments in our community. As we turn to next week, when the Republicans have their first presidential debate, we will be watching closely to see if any of them can articulate any semblance of a plan to grow the middle class the way President Biden has with the IRA. 


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