Weekly Roundup: Rinke’s Bad Press Week and Craig Cancel Culture

With a just a few weeks to go until 2022, here’s what’s going on in the race recently described by Politico as “increasingly crowded”:

Used Toyota Salesman Kevin Rinke Should Never Be Put in a Position of Leadership

Today, The Detroit News released a deep dive of some of the lawsuits Kevin Rinke got sacked with due to the hostile work environment he created at his car dealerships rife with racist remarks and sexual harrasment, according to his former employees.

Rinke allegedly called a female employee at home and asked if she was receiving oral sex, said “women should not be allowed to work in public,” called Black staffers the n word, referred to a baby as “well hung,” and said that “I promise not to come in your mouth” was one of his favorite phrases. We know you’re used to sarcasm and wit on Fridays, but in all seriousness – this language is disqualifying for any leader. 

Rinke “Was Born On Third Base And Thought He Hit A Triple”

The brutal headlines just keep coming for Rinke. Michigan Advance columnist Rick Haglund dedicated an entire piece to the millionaire’s gubernatorial campaign, extremely unconvinced that Rinke “[has] the juice” to overcome a messy primary. 

The most damning excerpt however is Haglund’s broadside at Rinke’s often-repeated lie that his wealth was self-made:

“Rinke strikes me as the classic wealthy Baby Boomer who was born on third base and thought he hit a triple. He inherited his family’s Detroit-area automotive dealership group…and sold the operation to billionaire auto magnate Roger Penske 21 years ago.”


James Craig Got Cancelled By Muskegon County GOP

The MIGOP insiders still moving heaven and earth to prop up James Craig’s disaster of a campaign may want to invest in some industrial-grade reinforcements. MIRS and Gongwer both reported that Muskegon County GOP recently approved a resolution “opposing MIGOP promoting gubernatorial candidate James Craig for governor.”

Cited grievances include but aren’t limited to: not “abid[ing] in America or Michigan First priorities” (whatever that means), and for “giving conflicting statements on gun ownership.” 

We’re going to assume his invite to Muskegon County GOP’s holiday party got lost in the mail.

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