Time continues to slip away for Tudor Dixon, who for some inexplicable reason thinks parachuting in Tulsi Gabbard of all people is going to even remotely compensate for her dangerous agenda. 17 days remain until an election that she still hasn’t committed to accept the results of. Here’s what happened.

Special Interests Continue to Carry Enough Water for Dixon to Fill at Least One Great Lake

Tudor Dixon’s campaign continues to be shadow-run by DeVos-backed special interest groups. This week, the RGA exhausted just over $900,000 of their original $3.6 million buy to cart out some different misleading attacks to Dixon’s benefit. A couple days later, DeVos-funded Michigan Families United followed suit, taking their total spent post-August to prop Dixon’s backwards agenda past $2.3 million.

Across both broadcasted ads, the mission was the same – throw everything against the wall to see what best distracts Michiganders from Governor Whitmer’s accomplishments, and hope voters don’t notice Dixon’s radical, conspiracy-laden background. RGA and Michigan Families United went out of their way to mislead Michiganders about Governor Whitmer’s leadership in securing additional funding for police departments and massive investments to improve roads and bridges, and the major steps she’s made to restore Michigan’s place as an auto industry giant.

Naturally, the ads once again left out how Dixon continues to back a disastrous budget plan that would kneecap critical services like infrastructure and law enforcement, wants to decimate public education, has railed against job creation, and ran her steel foundry into the ground.

Expect plenty more where this came from, especially since MIGOP “has thus far spent nothing to support” the top of their ticket on the airwaves. RGA chair and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is still expected to make good on his promise to “do what it takes to get Tudor Dixon over the finish line.”

Tough to Argue With the Refs Over Your Own Words, Actions, and Star Players, but You Do You

We know Tudor loves to rail against the media when they report facts she doesn’t like, but as has been the case all cycle, the biggest hits against her…have been entirely of her own making. This was demonstrated four separate times this week. Quick recap presented in no particular order, because we couldn’t decide which was more damning:

  • Devil’s Lie: After spending yet another week trying and failing to convince voters governors are powerless to do anything about abortion and she pinky promises not to impose her anti-choice extremism on millions of women and families, VICE unearthed comments made this summer in which Dixon said medical professionals are spreading “the devil’s lie” when they have determined a pregnancy is unsafe to continue. The publication also exposed her callous logic that “rape is more serious only if it involves abduction.”
  • Racist, Anti-Islam, Anti-LGBTQ: Dixon got caught letting someone host a fundraiser for her despite the fact they were deemed too “racist, anti-Islam, and anti-LGBTQ” (and anti-veteran) to remain on board even in the Trump administration. Then she was caught lying about how aware she was of the host’s comments and background. On a level, we admire the sheer brazenness of pleading “not aware” while knowing damn well Dixon had him on her Real America’s Voice show twice in 2020 only for her to return the guest favor on his show three times. This year.

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