Today, State Senator Winnie Brinks (SD-29) and State Representative Carol Glanville (HD-84) gathered with West Michigan Democrats in Grand Rapids to launch the Michigan Democratic Party’s “Too Extreme GOP” press tour and call out Republicans for pushing an ultra-MAGA agenda that would devastate Michigan communities.

To mark nearly 100 days out from the November election, the two state lawmakers blasted Republicans on the ballot for pushing an extreme agenda that would criminalize reproductive health care, raise taxes on working families, and cut Medicare and Social Security. Laying out the choice Michigan voters have this fall, speakers showed that the contrast could not be more clear between ultra-MAGA Republicans who repeatedly vote against cost-saving measures and support a dangerous and an out-of-touch agenda, and Democrats who are working tirelessly to lower costs and protect our freedoms. 

State Senator Winnie Brinks (SD-29): 

  • “In just the last few weeks, Michigan Republicans in Congress have voted to prohibit women from traveling across state lines to get the abortion care they need, voted against passing the right to contraceptives into law, yes that’s right, voted against your right to decide if and when you want to start or grow your family. They voted against legislation that would stop big oil corporations from price gouging, and voted against legislation to lower food and fuel costs and put money back in Michiganders’ pockets.”
  • “The extremism of the Republican party is failing the people of West Michigan and our state. We have to elect Hillary Scholten to protect our rights at the federal level, and we have to elect Democrats to the State House and State Senate to work alongside Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to protect our rights at the state level.”

State Representative Carol Glanville (HD-84): 

  •  “In Michigan today, especially across the Grand Rapids area, the Republican Party is simply too extreme for Michigan. Voters rejected their extremism when they flipped a deeply red district to blue and put me in office to fight for our community and vote in favor of priorities we actually care about.”
  • “If Republicans take control of our state, they won’t stop until they’ve gutted every form of progress we’ve made in education, health care, investments in our community, and more…No matter who represents them in the general election, their extreme agenda will be on full display. We need strong Democratic leaders in office advocating for us and that’s me and my colleagues up here today who will fight against the Too Extreme GOP.”

The tour is part of the Democratic National Committee’s nationwide push to hold Republicans accountable ahead of the November elections.

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