If it’s a day that ends in -y, House Republicans are dealing with the fallout of their extreme, disgraceful behavior. Kevin McCarthy has fully lost control of his caucus, and he has no one to blame but himself.

Madison Cawthorn is the latest House Republican to receive a “talking-to” from Kevin McCarthy, whose caucus has long been completely out of control. 

Politico: “Madison Cawthorn is going to get a talking-to from Kevin McCarthy over his latest volatile comment: that he’s seen cocaine use and gotten invited to orgies since arriving in Washington.”

CNN’s Melanie Zanona: “And for those keeping track at home, here are some of the things McCarthy has had to talk to his members about: orgy allegations, white nationalist conferences, jewish space lasers, and depictions of anime violence against Dems, to name a few.”

Kevin McCarthy has spent the last two years enabling, defending, and doing nothing to hold his members accountable for their disgraceful behavior – it’s no wonder things continue to go off the rails. 

CNN: “Go back to early 2021, when a series of past incendiary and violent statements made by Greene came to light. McCarthy met with Greene, but took no action to punish her for her actions.”

The Hill: “McCarthy pledges to restore Greene, Gosar to committees if GOP wins House”

Insider: “Kevin McCarthy reaffirms pledge to give Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar committee assignments again after they attended a white nationalist conference”

Newsweek: “Kevin McCarthy Backs Madison Cawthorn Re-Election Despite Zelensky Insult”


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