“Pretty odd situation” … “lol” … “We’re behind a glass barrier” … “Can’t hear anything being discussed” … “Multiple reporters raised concerns about today’s arrangement” … “It’s a press conference that the press isn’t allowed to hear” … “The glass is see-through, so that counts as transparency, right?”

BIRMINGHAM — James Craig’s press-dodging acrobatics got even more outrageous today. During a rare in-person gathering, he and the rest of his group sat in a fish bowl conference room while reporters were made to watch the event through a glass wall without sound.

This brazen disregard for local press is an unsurprising new low for a candidate that has dodged reporters and even Michiganders in friendly environments in favor of national cable anchors — repeatedly refusing to answer questions centered around the legitimacy of our elections and steps leaders should take to combat pandemics. Local reporters were quick to take notice:

Jordyn Hermani (Gongwer): So! The room the roundtable is in isn’t accessible to the press. There is no microphone in it and a TV reporter was not allowed to put a microphone in it. We were also told the door was going to be propped but it was not. We can’t actually hear what’s being discussed currently.

Jordyn Hermani (Gongwer): @PolarBarrett and I tried to get into the room to hear and were allowed to stay for roughly a minute or two before being told we had to leave so that they could have a “frank discussion.” We’re back sitting outside the conference room now, again unable to hear anything.

Jordyn Hermani (Gongwer): There’s going to be a follow up press eval for Craig, but I doubt much is going to come out of the roundtable, considering.

Sergio Martínez-Beltrán (Bridge Michigan): Pretty odd situation. Covering James Craig’s law enforcement event but the press can’t hear anything because Craig and others are in a separate room….

Malachi Barrett (MLive): James Craig invited Michigan media to attend the first meeting of his bipartisan law enforcement policy task force. We’re behind a glass barrier and can’t hear anything being discussed.

Malachi Barrett (MLive): I was let inside for a moment to hear a portion of Craig’s opening remarks. He acknowledged a recent proposal from Gov. Whitmer to fund police with $75M in federal COVID relief but we weren’t able to stay inside for the duration.

Malachi Barrett (MLive): Craig will be answering questions after the meeting is over. ETA is 10 minutes. Myself and multiple reporters raised concerns about today’s arrangement to the campaign team.

Kara Berg (Lansing State Journal): So it’s a press conference that the press isn’t allowed to hear?

Garret M. Ellison (MLive): The glass is see-through, so that counts as transparency, right?

Nick Smith (Gongwer): So basically there’s little if anything to report because either the logistics were poorly conceived, or it was intentional to mess with the press by dragging everyone out in this manner?

Lee Devito (Detroit Metro Times): lol

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