Ron DeSantis is the only governor in the country who refused to pre-order COVID vaccines for his state’s young children. Families across Florida are experiencing an unnecessary delay in lifesaving care for their children – a direct result of DeSantis’s political antics.

While Ron DeSantis prioritizes power, doctors and parents are left to scramble and children are set to pay the price: 

First Coast News: “Cantville estimates it will likely be next week when his office, Jacksonville Pediatrics, will get the doses. He says it would have been sooner had the state pre-ordered the vaccine. Florida was the only state not to do so.”

Florida Parent Natalie Hinton: “All over Florida, I was willing to drive just to get these kiddos safe.”

Florida Parent Natalie Roseander: “I’m just checking back every day to try to find an appointment in a time that works for us…It’s just so frustrating to not be able to get it when you know it’s at your fingertips.”

Florida Parent Ashleigh Wright: “It’s been very frustrating. I called my kids’ pediatrician first, and they said the vaccines will not be available to them and directed me to the retail pharmacies…My biggest concern is that my daughter is going to get exposed to COVID and have an awful outcome before we can get her vaccinated.”

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