Kevin McCarthy made clear in yet another interview yesterday that Republicans will do ANYTHING to gut Social Security and Medicare — even if it means holding our country’s fiscal stability hostage.

And his threats did not go unnoticed. People are correctly saying McCarthy and Republicans are willing to endanger the economy over plans to gut Social Security and Medicare.

MSNBC: “After election, McCarthy to push GOP economic hostage crisis”

Washington Post: “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said that if Republicans win control of the House the GOP will use raising the debt limit as leverage to force spending cuts — which could include cuts to Medicare and Social Security — and limit additional funding to Ukraine.”

Matt FullerDaily Beast: “You can look at Kevin McCarthy and the GOP’s record on the debt limit, Medicare and Social Security and fairly conclude it’s about hamstringing the economy and causing pain for people. It’s certainly not about spending. When the economy was humming during Trump, they spent more.”

Glenn KesslerWashington Post: “Worth recalling that in 1994-95, Bill Clinton defeated the Gingrich Congress and won re-election when he successfully tied GOP plans for a big tax cut to GOP’s proposed reductions in Social Security and Medicare spending. McCarthy’s remarks are an election-eve gift to the Dems.”

Dylan MatthewsVox: “Kevin McCarthy is very clear that he is going to force Biden to choose between defaulting on the US debt and slashing trillions in spending on medical research, safety net programs, pandemic prevention, etc.”

Catherine RampellWashington Post: “Refusing to raise [the] debt limit is like going to a restaurant, ordering the lobster and a $500 bottle of wine, and then declaring yourself financially responsible because you skipped out on the check.”

Matthew YglesiasSlow Boring: “McCarthy reiterated that if Republicans take the House majority they will deliberately provoke a debt ceiling crisis. 🚨🚨🚨

Veronica EscobarTexas Congresswoman: “Republicans want to cut Medicare and Social Security. And don’t forget, they will give the wealthiest Americans tax breaks that will blow up our deficit. Vote Democrat.”

Mark PocanWisconsin Congressman: “When @GOPLeader and @SenRonJohnson tell you they want to cut your Social Security benefits and slash Medicare to pieces, believe them.”

Other Republicans are also taking heat over their extreme plan to gut Social Security and Medicare — including from Republican voters.

Shannon BreamFox News Host, relaying GOP voter concerns: “‘Now I got a tweet from a viewer this week who says he’s a Republican, he’s very worried about you cutting his Medicare. He says it’s a dealbreaker and a betrayal by the GOP.’”

Make no mistake: Kevin McCarthy and his GOP lackeys are hellbent on a “commitment” to leverage the federal deficit and threaten to run the economy into the ground. The American people simply cannot afford this extreme agenda.

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