Tonight, Michiganders will have another chance to see DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon’s backwards agenda stacked up against Governor Whitmer’s extensive record of proven leadership. The televised debate is expected to feature the following key moments:

Tudor Dixon Will Paper Over Her Abysmal Business Record That Undercut American Manufacturers Before Once Again Railing Against Job Creation

Beholden to special interests and outside groups over Michigan’s workforce, Tudor Dixon has wasted no time prioritizing politics over empowering working families by slamming a $2.3 billion-dollar “undeniable win” of an investment from electric vehicle battery-making company Gotion, slated to “create 2,350 new jobs with an average hourly wage of nearly $30 an hour” in Big Rapids. 

Dixon’s full-throated opposition to these massive deals has already planted her firmly against elected officials in her own party, many of whom worked with Governor Whitmer to attract companies like Gotion to Michigan. It has also confused conservative talk show hosts who had to remind Dixon that the deals she opposes are  providing a massive boon to the Big Rapids community.

Dixon’s abysmal business record has already made it clear Michigan’s workforce is the least of her priorities. 

Claiming to be a company executive with a hand in “every aspect” of Michigan Steel’s day-to-day operations, Dixon’s failed leadership resulted in Michigan Steel earning a reputation as a “half-assed” business that routinely couldn’t make payroll before laying off its entire 300-employee workforce and being completely liquidated by 2013.

Following Dixon’s shoddy leadership, “dozens” of employees – from hourly production workers, all the way up to the CEO – were forced to file wage complaints against Michigan Steel after a string of bounced checks and missed paydays. The foundry was sacked with an untold dollar amount of fines for “repeatedly” violating basic wage laws.

After she was through setting Michigan Steel on a path to ruin, Tudor Dixon founded Cornerstone Foundry Supply (CFS) to sell parts to foundries such as ceramic materials and molds. Rather than source these goods from American manufacturers, CFS “exclusively operated” as a distributor of Czech Republic-made ceramic molds, then partnered with an Italian manufacturer to do the same.

Tudor Dixon Will Continue to Come Up Empty on How to Make Up for Her Disastrous Budget Plan Estimated to Punch a $12 Billion-Dollar-Hole in Michigan’s Budget

Despite the fact that she still “has not provided specifics” of how she plans to make up for it, Dixon is full steam ahead on a “piss-poor public policy proposal” that would “primarily benefit the wealthy,” “be catastrophic for funding,” and force billions in cuts statewide to several services critical to working families, such as public education, law enforcement, and infrastructure. 

Dixon’s budget plan is estimated to eliminate nearly $12 billion from the budget and $8 billion from the general fund, threatening the “primary funding source” providing over 60% of Michigan State Police budget and threatening thousands of law enforcement jobs. 

Dixon’s backwards budget plan would also cut $600 million from Michigan and Comprehensive Transportation funds which provide funding for state and local roads, directly threatening matching federal dollars which would undercut the state’s ability to keep making crucial repairs to roads and bridges. 

It would also slash $3.5 billion from public schools. Combined with Dixon’s DeVos-backed crusade to repeal Michigan’s constitutional ban on using public money for private education, this complete lack of funding would kneecap the state’s ability to prepare future generations of our workforce.

Dixon has said she “absolutely” supported “phas[ing] out” funding streams for critical services as quickly as possible. She has yet to identify how or if she would replace the law enforcement funding eliminated by this “dramatic shift in state government operations.”

The closest she’s come is suggesting the lost revenue could be made up with a sales tax swap that would slap working families with the bill – making a $30,000 car cost a working family an extra $4,200.

Tudor Dixon Will Push Blantant Lies About Her Intent to Impact Abortion Rights That Don’t Square With Her Own Dangerous, No-Exceptions Rhetoric

For weeks staunch anti-abortion extremist Tudor Dixon has been attempting to mislead voters and hide her plan to completely eliminate reproductive freedom for millions of women and families. Last month, she “caused some confusion” by encouraging voters to back the choice ballot proposal and also vote for her.

She also recently tried to argue that reproductive rights are “not something that the governor has any impact over” – a lie that has been thoroughly debunked as Governor Whitmer continues to serve as the last line of defense for Michigan women and families.

Well aware that her stance is completely out of touch, Dixon will try and fail to push this “definite shift in tone” on the debate stage to feed Michiganders more lies. But Dixon’s dangerous rhetoric on this key issue speaks for itself. She was recently exposed for stating that medical professionals are spreading “the devil’s lie” when they have determined a pregnancy is unsafe to continue and perpetuating the callous belief that “rape is more serious only if it involves abduction.”

These newly surfaced comments only further compound the fact that Dixon unequivocally supports a dangerous abortion ban from 1931 that criminalizes abortion, makes felons out of reproductive health care providers and provides no exceptions for rape or incest. Completely discounting exceptions for the health of the mother, she’s also said that child sexual assault victims should not have access to abortion because there’s “healing through that baby.” 

For the Nth Time, Tudor Dixon Won’t Commit to Accepting the Results of November’s Election

Unwavering election conspiracy theorist Tudor Dixon – who “has said repeatedly that the 2020 election was stolen” – is now refusing to commit to accepting the results of next month’s election. Asked countless times to respond with a definitive yes or no to this basic question, Dixon is expected to dodge it once again tonight in Detroit.

Already banking on manufacturing “fresh post-election chaos,” Dixon is continuing to spread the election disinformation she’s pushed for two years straight. In statements provided to both the Washington Post and New York Times, she used baseless and discredited allegations about the outcome of 2020 to preemptively cast doubt on Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s ability to “[run] a fair election, the way she should be.”

These baseless criticisms have come despite the election being administered by the same officials who certified Dixon’s win in the Republican gubernatorial primary – an election she has yet to take issue with.

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