Tonight on the debate stage, gubernatorial candidates once again showed they will reverse the progress Whitmer has made to bolster Michigan’s infrastructure:

Since taking office, Governor Whitmer has worked to fix the damn roads, investing “nearly 4.75 billion” to date that has gone towards making critical repairs and replacements to nearly 13,200 lane miles of roads and over 900 bridges while supporting nearly 82,000 jobs.

She signed an historic $4.8 billion bipartisan infrastructure plan to make “long overdue upgrades to roads, water pipes, dams, and parks”  – the result of her strong leadership and willingness to work with anyone to deliver results. 

And for the upcoming fiscal year, Governor Whitmer has already proposed including a $1 billion additional allocation to aid Michigan’s continued efforts to repair roads and fund other key components of the state’s infrastructure. 

The total proposed appropriation for this critical pillar of Michigan’s economy includes funds from the historic and bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and would go towards initiatives like repairing and rebuilding roads and bridges, replacing lead service lines, and expanding transit programs.

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