With Tax Day upon us a week from today, MDP will be holding Republicans running for governor accountable, shedding light on the aspects of their campaign, background, or policies Michiganders deserve more transparency on. 

MDP is renewing its Sunshine Week call for Craig and his 11 gubernatorial opponents to disclose their tax returns and personal financial information, which Governor Whitmer has voluntarily done annually since she was a candidate in 2018. Michigan working families deserve a better sense of which interests the entire field’s wrong-for-Michigan agendas are angling to protect.

MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“James Craig has left Michiganders with more questions than answers. Ahead of April 18th, we’re urging the Detroit Dodger to come clean. Craig can’t credibly ask working families to grant him more responsibility while he evades every conceivable opportunity to be accountable for his own actions and clear the lowest of transparency bars.”

As a reminder, MIGOP-insider favorite and chief “neophyte” James Craig has been clear as mud since he joined the race several months ago. The Detroit Dodger continues to run a campaign that “lack[s] specific policy” solutions and also continues to leave voters with no further clarity on the following:

On His Finances

On His Campaign

On His Record

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