Ahead of this Saturday’s MIGOP endorsement convention, MDP will be reminding Michiganders how the candidates vying for the top of the ticket have pushed dangerous agendas that would hurt working families. 

Rather than offer plans to build on Governor Whitmer’s strong legacy of working with anyone to deliver the wins that keep Michigan first, “prolific junk faxer” and odd-quality “guru” Perry Johnson has put his millions behind promoting a wrong-for-Michigan agenda. Johnson envisions a Michigan that harms women and families’ ability to make their own reproductive choices, rips public education to the studs, and pushes a baseless crusade to reverse past elections.

MDP Spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Odd-quality ‘guru’ Perry Johnson may have only just joined the still-crowded Republican race for governor, but he’s more than made up for his limited time on the trail by touting a dangerous agenda that hurts Michigan families just as much as his other nine opponents. Our working families deserve better than a ‘prolific junk faxer’ and election conspiracy theorist that wants to dismantle reproductive freedom for 2.2 million women in Michigan, and is eager to gut public education as we know it.”

Supporting information can be found below:

Johnson is a “Prolific Junk Faxer” That Made His Millions Employing Shady Business Practices

An investigation into Perry Johnson’s companies revealed a number of shady, unethical, and illegal business practices that the odd-quality “guru” exploited to maximize his bottom line and make his millions. 

He notably manipulated both ends of quality control, “creat[ing] one company that taught businesses how to pass certification audits, and another that actually conducted those audits,” a conflict of interest mill that put him squarely “on the wrong side of ethics.” This double-dealing led to Johnson’s companies being suspended by both domestic and international quality accreditation boards alike.

Additionally, Johnson’s company relied on state prisoners to make telemarketing calls, touting that the incarcerated were secured “for half the price” of outsourcing to India. Johnson also sent so many unsolicited fax ads for his companies – nearly 12 million over a nine-year period – that he made history as “one of the first in his industry sued for violating rules designed to stop them.” 

Johnson is an Anti-Choice Extremist That Won’t Make Exceptions for Rape or Incest

During his campaign kickoff event, Perry Johnson “declined to rule out banning abortions for survivors of sexual assault” when asked where he stands on protecting reproductive rights in Michigan. He then doubled-down on his anti-choice extremism, even in cases of rape or incest, saying, “Two wrongs don’t make a right. I am pro-life.”

Johnson Wants to Dismantle Public Education

Perry Johnson has already communicated to Michiganders that he’s “not interested in the same things” as them – such as a robust public education system that keeps students, parents, and educators first. He’s already papered the airwaves with one of his “misleading” ads that failed to point out the disastrous impacts his education agenda would have across Michigan.

Johnson’s extreme education agenda – implementing a voucher-style funding scheme and pledging to shut down struggling schools – would dismantle public education as we know it.

Johnson Has Been a Foot Soldier in the Baseless Crusade to Reverse 2020

Perry Johnson has gone out of his way to prop up dangerous lies about the 2020 general election in order to undermine public trust in the electoral process and impose severe restrictions on voting.

The odd-quality guru has already used his millions to make TV ads out of his election conspiracy theories, broadcasting his extreme plan to slash funding for Detroit and other local governments over clerical errors. 

He’s also promised to enact voter ID laws, a pledge that rings hollow as it is already the standard in Michigan. But rather than acknowledge that fact, he has thrown his support behind the intentionally disenfranchising Secure MI Vote ballot petition that would effectively strip voting rights from nearly 20,000 Michiganders, the majority of which came from communities of color.

A clear signal of just how deep his 2020 delusions run, Johnson endorsedconspiracy-peddling lawyer” Matthew DePerno’s bid for Attorney General and then stood beside him at Mar-a-Lago cheering on false claims that the election was stolen.

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