Shaping Better Outcomes

By volunteering, you actively contribute to shaping political outcomes. Whether it’s getting a candidate elected or advocating for a policy, your efforts directly impact the democratic process. You become part of a team working toward a common goal, and your actions ripple outward, influencing the campaign’s course and, ultimately, the future of your community.

"When you do nothing you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better."  - Maya Angelou

Become A Member

Joining is the essential first step toward shaping the future you envision. As a member, you’ll actively participate in decision-making, advocate for your beliefs, and contribute to meaningful change. Together, we amplify our voices, champion causes, and create a stronger, more inclusive society. Don’t delay—become a member today and be part of the movement that drives progress.

Volunteer Activities

Volunteers for the Van Buren Democratic Party make impacts in a veriety of ways. They make our community more aware and engaged, contact voters to get democrats elected, and let everyone in our community know democrats are here and want to help!


The most effective way to engage with our fellow Democrats is to knock doors! If we are to preserve our democracy and have a government that works, we need Democrats to be engaged. Take action by talking face to face with Democrats and Independants.

Phone Banking

Reach out to voters in your community by phone. Have conversations with Democrats like you to increase civic engagement.

Helping Out - Something For Everyone

The Van Buren Democratic Party engages in a variety of activities and we can always use help! You can get involved by helping at events, community outreach activities and getting the word out to both supporters and the undecided.

Help Wanted

We are always looking for people to help, but during election season there are often specific tasks we need help with. Interested? Please contact us!