The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement from Chair Lavora Barnes on the recent changes to processing absentee ballots in Michigan for the November election.

“We are pleased to see that some of our local clerks will have more time to process the record number of absentee ballots expected to be cast this election. Processing absentee ballots is cumbersome. The allowed extra time will relieve some of the pressure placed on our local clerks.

With many thanks to Senator Adam Hollier, we also applaud the legislation that removes barriers for our military families serving overseas, making it easier for them to cast their ballots and for them to be counted.  Additionally, we support the legislation that calls on clerks to reach out to voters if there is no signature on the AV ballot envelope or the signature does not match the one on file.  We believe that every vote must count, and these two pieces of legislation move us closer to that goal.

These reforms cannot stop with the 2020 Presidential election. This is just a start to making it easier for our local clerks and the hundreds of committed volunteers that give of their time and energy, to continue to deliver on the promise of having fair and safe elections in Michigan.”  

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