Today, as the fourth round of extended Child Tax Credit checks hit the bank accounts of thousands of parents across Michigan, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement:

“For the past nine months, Republicans have proved they have no interest in serving their constituents. When they had the opportunity to work with Democrats in the darkest days of the pandemic, they instead stood unified in opposition to checks and tax cuts like this one for American families. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden and Michigan Democrats have worked tirelessly to invest in the people who need it most — children and working families. President Biden’s middle-class tax cuts have reached the families of two million children across Michigan, alleviating financial hardships caused by the pandemic and reduced stress related to bills, health care costs, and grocery store receipts. 

“It’s unforgivable that not a single Michigan Republican voted for this life-saving tax cut because they were more concerned with scoring political points rather than helping deliver the critical relief needed to help the constituents they were elected to serve. 

“As Republicans continue obstructing President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, Democrats remain focused on investing in children and working people — and voters won’t forget it.”  

Here’s how the payments have helped Michigan families so far: 

  • This extension of the child tax cuts has reached 1,968,000 children in Michigan, including 669,000 children of color.
  • The vast majority of respondents who received these middle-class tax cuts reported using the money for basic living expenses like paying bills (75%), paying rent/mortgage (9%), buying food (7%) and paying off debt (4%).
  • President Biden’s extension of the Child Tax Credit payments are estimated to reduce child poverty in Michigan by 44 percent and cut child poverty roughly in half nationwide.

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