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With Exactly One Year to Go, Three Main Issues Already Define The Republican Gubernatorial Primary

LANSING — Despite Republicans being a year away from determining who will be their party’s nominee, it’s already extremely clear what issues will define the race from now until then. Reflecting the rightward direction the Michigan Republican base has gone in since last November’s election, all nine candidates in this crowded primary will be expected […]

Weekly Roundup: Republican Fundraising Flatlined While Governor Whitmer Ran Up the Scoreboard

LANSING — With this coming Monday marking one year until the Republican primary election takes place, here’s where things currently stand for the several candidates in the running: This week, seven out of the nine candidates in the running were due to file July quarterly disclosures and the results were abysmal. Garret Soldano raised $624,847 […]

ICYMI: As Police Recounted the Atrocities They Suffered on January 6th, Not a Single Republican Candidate Could Bring Themselves to Condemn the Violence

From insurrectionist Ryan Kelley to former police chief James Craig, the silence was equally deafening LANSING — On January 6th, political extremists incited a violent insurrection on the U.S. Capitol grounds that killed five and injured 140 officers. This week, some of the officers that were on duty the day of testified before Congress in […]

New Report Showcases “Ugly” and “Embarrassing” Extent of MIGOP Fixation on Relitigating 2020 General Election

“We’re not focused on 2022, and I don’t see that changing…It’s a near-toxic environment.” – Republican Jason Watts LANSING — Extreme conservative activists’ actions to invent a conspiracy casting widespread doubt on the electoral process rather than admit defeat and preserve the continuity of our democracy has unearthed a rift within the GOP that grows […]

It’s Been One Week Since James Craig Announced His “Listening Tour.” So Far, Fox News Has Been His Only Stop.

Since his political debut in May, Craig has appeared Fox News over 30 times, significantly outpacing access granted to stateside reporters LANSING — For someone that claims to lead from the front, James Craig’s been doing a lot of hiding in the back as he marks his first full week as an official candidate for […]

MDP MEMO | As Governor Whitmer Gets Results, All Signs Point Towards Messy GOP Primary

To: Interested Parties From: Lavora Barnes, Michigan Democratic Party Chair While the radicalization of the Republican party throughout Michigan injects several purity tests into the gubernatorial primary, Governor Whitmer has been showing our working families that she has the dedication and focus to keep them first. Her strong leadership helped save lives in the face […]

NEW: Betsy DeVos Nabs Key Blessing as She Continues to Mull Run for Governor

LANSING — Earlier this month, MIRS reported that people in Betsy DeVos’ orbit have been hard at work convincing Trump’s Secretary of Education to launch a campaign for governor.  Now, new reporting from The Detroit News identifies one of those speculating on her joining the Republican primary is her husband and 2006 GOP gubernatorial nominee […]

James Craig Stumbles Out of the Gate For Second Day in a Row

After stepping on the “exploratory” question-dodging strategy cooked up by his political consultants, James Craig is now attempting to undo announcement that he’s officially running LANSING — As Republican candidate for governor James Craig dodges questions and can’t even give a clear answer on if he’s running, new reporting from Detroit Free Press details the […]

Republican-led House Adopts Unlock Michigan Petition

The Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes. “Today’s vote by the Republican-led State House to adopt the Unlock Michigan petition hamstrings any administration’s ability to respond swiftly to deadly global health pandemics. Unlock Michigan established a disturbing pattern of lying and deceit when it came to collecting signatures, even […]

MDP Responds to James Craig’s “New” Announcement On Tucker Carlson Tonight

In response to James Craig’s 28th national network appearance and brief Tucker Carlson hit in which he definitively announced “I’m running” for governor of Michigan despite already being a candidate as of early this morning, MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement: “Tonight, James Craig made his 28th national network appearance only to bring […]