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DiXonFiles: Tudor Dixon Campaigns with Former Catholic Priest “Credibly” of Child Sexual Abuse 

In a direct contrast against Tudor Dixon’s vision for a “family-friendly” Michigan, the gubernatorial candidate was seen smiling and campaigning with well-known “credibly accused” child sexual abuser Frank Lenz.          According to reporting from 2018 now-former priest Frank Lenz of the Diocese of Marquette was placed on “administrative leave” following a “credible accusation of sexual misconduct […]

Bombshell NBC News report says hypocrite MI Supreme Court Justice paid for ex-wife’s abortion  

Nearly 40 years after Justice Brian Zahra helped then-girlfriend get an abortion, he voted to block abortion rights ballot measure LANSING  – A bombshell NBC News report shows the galling hypocrisy of Michigan Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra’s views on reproductive rights. The judge voted to block the ballot initiative aimed at enshrining abortion rights in the Michigan Constitution […]

FACT CHECK: RGA Continues Misleading Michiganders to Distract from Dixon’s Disastrous Agenda 

As special interests continue to pour money into Michigan in a last-ditch effort to drag Tudor Dixon’s agenda over the finish line, the Republican Governors Association is continuing to mislead Michiganders about Governor Whitmer’s record in an attempt to pull the wool over their eyes about Dixon’s disastrous plans and conspiracy theories. In addition to […]

Weekly Roundup: Dixon Can’t Pick a Team or Answer Basic Questions About Her Own Unhinged Comments 

No more double digits after today! Ten days remain, Obama was in Detroit to turn out the vote, Tudor Dixon’s conspiracy theories got crazier, as did her out-of-touch comments when she refused to pick a team in tonight’s game. Here’s what you missed.  The Outlandish Dixon Comments That Made Headlines *Just This Week* Across detailed […]

Five Questions for Tudor Dixon as an Avalanche of Her Racist, Unhinged, and Conspiracy-Laden Comments Continues to Surface

Yesterday, Dixon was exposed for her lengthy tirade claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd protests were orchestrated by the Democratic Party to “topple” the country “as retaliation for losing the Civil War” and alleging the party was seeking to “gladly own” and “enslave people ‘again.’” Dixon’s time as a host on extreme and […]

10 reasons (and counting) why GOP AG candidate Matt DePerno is unfit for public office 

If elected, the top law enforcement officer in Michigan could be serving time in prison, convicted of tampering with voting machines ANSING – Radical Republican and conspiracy theorist Matt DePerno is running to be Michigan’s Attorney General, ultimately the top cop in the state, while also under criminal investigation for his alleged role in an […]

ICYMI: Tudor Dixon Won’t Lift a Finger to Keep Medical Professionals Providing Abortion Care Out of Jail

During the final debate of the cycle and with all of Michigan watching, DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon once again tried to paper over her support for a a “good” near-total abortion ban from 1931 that criminalizes abortion. But once the cameras stopped rolling, Dixon conceded that if proposal 3 fails and pending legal battles result […]

NEW: Tudor Dixon’s Racist, Unhinged, Conspiracy Theory-Filled Rant

“[Dixon] invoked a conspiracy that the…Democratic Party [plans] to ‘topple’ the United States as retaliation for losing the US Civil War…” – CNN Rabid conspiracy theorist Tudor Dixon continues to come under scrutiny for the unhinged, racist, and disqualifying rants on her “far-right” show. New analysis from CNN exposes a lengthy tirade in which Dixon […]

FACT CHECK: New MAGA Inc. Ad Attempts to Distract From Tudor Dixon’s Agenda to Slash Billions From Law Enforcement Budgets

In a show of how desperate special interests and outside groups are to drag Tudor Dixon’s wrong-for-Michigan agenda across the finish line by any means necessary, MAGA up on the air  to distract from Dixon’s disastrous plan for law enforcement and the communities they protect. It’s no surprise Dixon would embrace an extra boost […]

NEW: Even More Examples of Tudor Dixon’s Racism and Bigotry Surface Just One Week After Being Caught Fundraising With Racist Host

According to a new deep dive from Detroit Metro Times, Dixon’s time as a host on far right-wing and Steve Bannon-headlining media outlet Real America’s Voice served as a breeding ground “to sow divisions” and “make insensitive comments.” From June 2019 to May 2021, Dixon routinely used her show to say blackface was “funny,” criticize […]