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MDP applauds Democrats on Board of Canvassers for upholding integrity of election process

LANSING — The Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) today applauded Democratic members of the Board of State Canvassers — Jeanette Bradshaw and Julie Matuzak — for their decision not to certify the Unlock Michigan petition. “Julie Matuzak and Jeanette Bradshaw did the right thing by voting against certifying Unlock Michigan’s petitions and for demanding an independent investigation into the group’s […]

MDP MEMO | Failure to Launch: In the Race for Governor, There Are No Republicans To Be Found

To: Interested Parties From: Lavora Barnes, Michigan Democratic Party Chair If this were 2017, the campaign for governor of Michigan would already be entering its fifth month (or if you’re Jim Hines, the 14th). This time, things are a little different.  Between Ron Weiser calling for the “assassination” of his fellow Republicans, getting censured for […]

Republican State Senators Continue to Push Extreme Anti-Voter Legislation

LANSING — Today, state Senate Republicans are taking the first major legislative step to perpetuate the Big Lie that the 2020 general election was stolen from Trump. Right now, the Republican-controlled Elections Committee is convening for a hearing on legislation that was introduced in March as part of the disastrous 39-bill package described by Secretary […]

Michigan Democratic Party Statement on Chauvin Trial

The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes. “I join millions of Americans in standing alongside George Floyd’s family as we honor his life and legacy and acknowledge the historic nature of today’s verdict. The trenches of systematic racism still run deep in this country though and the outcome of this […]

WATCH: Peter Lucido Appeared On ‘Off The Record,’ Berated Reporters For Inquiring About Sexual Harassment Allegations

LANSING — Last Friday, Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido joined WKAR’s ‘Off The Record’ and ‘Off the Record: Overtime’ with panelists Lauren Gibbons, Chad Livengood and Rick Pluta. The interview covered a number of topics like Lucido’s politically motivated ploy to attack Governor Whitmer over her handling of Michigan’s coronavirus response and his refusal to […]

Weiser Fallout Continues To Get Worse As Leaders Across Michigan Condemn “Witches,” “Burn at the Stake,” “Assassination” Comments

LANSING — Today, MI GOP Chairman Ron Weiser continued a third straight day of intense pressure across the state to resign, including half the Board of Regents that serve with him at University of Michigan. Last Friday, he earned swift outrage for comments calling Gov. Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson […]

MI GOP Chair Ron Weiser and His Dangerous, Sexist Rhetoric Should Have No Place on the University of Michigan’s Board of Regents

LANSING — In response to surfaced video of Michigan Republican Party Chair and University of Michigan Regent Ron Weiser calling Governor Whitmer, Attorney General Nessel, and Secretary of State Benson “witches” that need to be “soften[ed] up” and made “ready for the burning at the stake,” while also mentioning “assassination” as an option for dealing with elected […]

Shirkey, Senate GOP Advance Voter Suppression Bills While Withholding Billions in COVID-19 Relief for Michigan’s Working Families

LANSING — Despite President Joe Biden winning the general election handily, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey continues to drag around the long-stale false claim that the election was rigged. Today, he’s continuing this crusade of conspiracies by pushing a slate of voter suppression bills through his chamber under the guise of “election integrity.” This is […]

Mike Shirkey Doubles Down On Racist Rhetoric A Day Before White Shooter Targets Asian-Americans In Atlanta

LANSING — Earlier this week, Republican Majority Leader Mike Shirkey appeared on JTV’s Bart Hawley show and doubled down on his original racist description of COVID-19made months prior on the same show, when he said: “The Chinese flu army sent in one of their best soldiers. His name was Rona.” Bart Hawley said to Shirkey earlier this week, “At the […]

ICYMI: National Magazine Highlights Mike Shirkey’s Radical Views, Connections To Extreme Militia Groups

LANSING — Despite being the focus of media attention, Congress is not always where the most outlandish Republicans are spewing their vitriol, according to a new report from Mother Jones. In particular, the report notes that Michigan Republicans are a prime example of how these radical viewpoints legitimizing extreme conspiracy theories and embracing white supremacy are […]