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Even scandal-plagued former GOP House Speaker Lee Chatfield thinks Matt DePerno is an unreliable pusher of misinformation, according to new book 

Radical right-wing candidate for Attorney General, who has his own checkered past, can’t be trusted to serve as Michigan’s top law enforcement agent LANSING — In 2020, there was absolutely no mass election fraud involving Antrim County voting machines.  That’s the consensus of a Republican-led Senate oversight committee investigation, judges who heard the supposed evidence in court, and even scandal-plagued former GOP […]

Local MDP chair calls on local Republican to take up Chatfield investigation

Livingston County Democratic Party chair call on local GOP state rep to investigate use of taxpayer money by Lee Chatfield LANSING —  Democrats who live in the counties that make up the new 72nd House District want to know why the Republican incumbent legislator running for that seat isn’t investigating former Speaker Lee Chatfield’s use of their taxpayer dollars.  State Rep. Mike Mueller, of Linden, […]

Republican Lawmaker attempts to gain unauthorized access to voting equipment

Clerks have a tough job and we can’t allow extremists to cast doubt on their work and the integrity of our elections LANSING – The Michigan State Police and Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office are investigating unauthorized voting machine access by third parties in counties across Michigan. Republican State Representative Daire Rendon, who represents constituents […]

Weekly Roundup: Petition Challenges Continue to Loom Over the Fraudulent Three and Craig is Probably Also Skipping Traverse City

With only 74 days (!!!) to go until the gubernatorial primary, here’s where things stand for the 10 Republicans (maybe less?) left in the running. It’s Accountability Week for James Craig, Tudor Dixon, and Perry Johnson This upcoming Thursday is a much-anticipated accountability day for James Craig, Tudor Dixon, and Perry Johnson, all of whom […]

Garrett Soldano Used the First Debate of the Republican Gubernatorial Primary to Push His Anti-Abortion Extremism and Stand Against Public Universities

Last week in Livingston County, snake-oil salesman Garrett Soldano used his time on the debate stage to once again highlight the depth of his anti-choice extremism – a core component of his wrong-for-Michigan agenda.  He also attacked Michigan’s public universities as “indoctrination centers” and threatened to slash funding calling it “common sense” to cut state […]

Reminder: Several Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Back Disastrous Plans to Dismantle Funding for Public Education, Law Enforcement, and Infrastructure

Craig, Rinke, Soldano, Johnson and Dixon support plans that threaten the budgets of critical services by the billions Several of the Republican candidates vying for governor have thrown their support behind a “unsustainable” and “short-sighted” tax plan spearheaded by Republican legislators. A major display of the wrong-for-Michigan agenda they continue to push, the plan would […]

Republican-Led Legislature Passes Yet Another Tax Plan That Fails To Offer Immediate Relief for Working Families And Slashes Investments In Schools And Law Enforcement 

Just now, Republicans forced yet another disastrous tax plan through the legislature with no immediate tangible relief for working families. This backwards proposal wouldn’t provide any relief to Michiganders until roughly a year from now at the earliest, and even then wealthy individuals stand to benefit the most from it. After a similar bill failed […]

Perry Johnson Used the First Debate of the Republican Gubernatorial Primary to Push His Anti-Abortion Extremism and Backwards Plan to Defund Public Schools and Law Enforcement

Last week in Livingston County, “prolific junk faxer” Perry Johnson once again let Michiganders know he’s “not interested in the same things” as them – such as reproductive freedom and a state that has the resources to function properly. Johnson explicitly declared that “life begins at conception,” and stood against exceptions for survivors of sexual […]

Every Single Michigan Republican Running for Re-Election in 2022 Voted Against Addressing Baby Formula Shortage

Last night, six Michigan Republicans in Congress voted against the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act, which would provide emergency funding to address the shortage of infant formula in the United States. In sharp contrast, every single Michigan Democrat voted for the bill.  Following the vote, Michigan Democratic Chair Lavora Barnes released the following statement: “Michigan […]

ICYMI: Northern Michiganders Blast the GOP’s Extreme Agenda Against Seniors, Health Care

Michiganders in the fourth congressional distrcit are fed up with hearing about the Republican agenda that could raise taxes on over a third of working Michiganders, end the Medicare and Social Security guarantee, and ban abortion with no exceptions. This radical agenda would threaten folks across the state — preventing millions from accessing their hard […]