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Disappearing Dixon: Bad for Business Dixon Would Make Jobs Disappear 

For someone who claims to be a successful businesswoman, Tudor Dixon has been a vocal critic of bipartisan measures bringing landmark investments and thousands of job opportunities for Michigan and strengthening the state’s economy all to score cheap political points at the expense of Michigan’s working families.  For weeks Dixon railed against innovation and job […]

QUICK CLIP: Bought-and-Paid-For Candidate Tudor Dixon Confirms Her Campaign Is Run By Special Interests

DeVos sellout and bought-and-paid-for candidate Tudor Dixon is not trying to hide her campaign’s reliance on special interests.  In an interview with 9&10 News, she bragged about support from special interests and outside groups in the form of “a lot of ads” and “allies coming in” to prop up her wrong-for-Michigan agenda.  TUDOR DIXON: The […]

With Just Five Weeks to Go Until Election Day, Governor Whitmer and Tudor Dixon’s “Diverging Visions” on Public Education Could Not be More Stark

As Michiganders weigh their options with absentee ballots in hand and just 35 days until Election Day, it’s clear that public education is one of the many issues on which Governor Whitmer and DeVos sellout Tudor Dixon have “diverging visions,” according to recent reporting from Detroit News. Governor Whitmer has made “historic progress” that will […]

ICYMI: Tudor Dixon Spent the Weekend Trying to Distract Michiganders From Her Extreme Plan to Ban Abortion

Even as the issue remains at top of mind for voters across Michigan, Tudor Dixon is doing everything in her power to distract millions of women and families from her dangerous, anti-abortion agenda that makes no exceptions for rape, incest, or health of the mother.  According to recent reporting from MLive, a “frustrated” Dixon – […]

FACT CHECK: Special Interest PACs Continue to Pour Money Into Michigan to Prop Up Tudor Dixon’s Backwards Agenda for Michigan

Dangerous Tudor Dixon continues to rely on special interests to sell her wrong-for-Michigan agenda. Koch-founded Americans for Prosperity is just the latest national special interest to propping her up and broadcasting her backwards vision that would harm working families. To date, outside groups and opponents have already spent more than $16 million to push bogus […]

Statement From MDP Chair Lavora Barnes on Tudor Dixon’s Campaign Appearance in Warren 

Following DeVos sellout and election denialist Tudor Dixon’s divisive and desperate appearance in Warren today, MDP Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement: “Tonight, Michiganders saw a schoolyard bully on stage – not a leader. Tudor Dixon hurled insults and rattled off a litany of grievances because she knows that her dangerous agenda to ban […]

Weekly Roundup: Election-Denying Anti-Abortion Extremist Tudor Dixon Has a Sense of Humor As Disturbing As Her Wrong-for-Michigan Agenda

Welcome to the last full month of the campaign! Not only is it officially spooky season, October is the one month Tudor Dixon can wear anything from her “gory” film career without causing alarm. However, the horror in “Buddy BeBop vs. the Living Dead” can’t light a candle to her wrong-for-Michigan agenda that has been […]

Five Questions for Unwavering Election Denialist Tudor Dixon

Known conspiracy theorist Tudor Dixon has a long history of pushing baseless lies about the integrity of the 2020 election. Her effort to undermine the democratic process has now extended to her refusal to accept the results of the election in November. Dixon “has said repeatedly that the 2020 election was stolen” and agreed during […]

Tudor Dixon Has Refused to Say If She Will Accept the Results of Her Own Election Four Separate Times

DeVos sellout and unwavering election conspiracy theorist Tudor Dixon – who “has said repeatedly that the 2020 election was stolen” – is now refusing to commit to accepting the results of her own election and continuing to wage her “unfounded attacks” on Michigan’s democracy. Already banking on manufacturing “fresh post-election chaos” as absentee ballots are […]

Republican and Longtime Michigan Chamber of Commerce Leader: Tudor Dixon Leads “The Most Unqualified State-Level Ticket in Recent Michigan History”

“Dixon has spent much of her current campaign looking backward.” – Bob LaBrant While she caters to national special interests, Republicans across Michigan continue to sour on Tudor Dixon and her wrong-for-Michigan agenda. Bob LaBrant, former senior vice president for political affairs and general counsel who served at the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for 35 […]