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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: “Biden is the Big Winner in the Debt Ceiling Deal”

Tomorrow, President Biden will sign the bipartisan budget agreement that he secured to protect our economic recovery and prevent a catastrophic default. Here’s what commentators and members of the media are saying about President Biden’s steady leadership in achieving yet another win for the American people. Zack Beauchamp, Vox: “The president is coming off a […]

Declaraciones del DNC sobre el cabildo abierto de Donald Trump en Fox News 

El  portavoz del Comité Nacional Demócrata, Ammar Moussa, emitió la siguiente declaración en respuesta al cabildo abierto de Donald Trump en Fox News: “En lo que fue en su mayor parte una aparición incoherente y plagada de mentiras recicladas en Fox News, Donald Trump dijo la verdad, al menos una vez, en su espacio seguro: […]

Declaraciones del DNC sobre el acuerdo presupuestario bipartidista

El presidente del Comité Nacional Demócrata, Jaime Harrison, emitió la siguiente declaración en respuesta a la aprobación del acuerdo presupuestario bipartidista: “Cuando el crédito de los Estados Unidos estaba en juego, el presidente Biden respondió al llamado y logró entregar un histórico acuerdo presupuestario bipartidista al pueblo estadounidense. “Como testimonio de su experiencia y liderazgo, […]

Ron DeSantis HIDES from Abortion Record in New Hampshire

After repeatedly bragging about his six week abortion ban in Iowa, Ron DeSantis changed his tune, and made exactly *zero* mentions of his abortion ban while in New Hampshire.In response, DNC National Press Secretary and Rapid Response Director Ammar Moussa released the following statement: “Ron DeSantis and MAGA Republicans know their extreme anti-choice records are […]

WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: President Biden Negotiates Budget Agreement as “One of the Most Effective Presidents in History”

In yet another example of his strong, steady leadership, President Biden successfully negotiated a bipartisan budget agreement to prevent a catastrophic default and protect our economic recovery.  Here’s a look at what they are saying about how President Biden secured a “huge win,” that will protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other critical programs that […]

DNC on Bipartisan Budget Agreement

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement in response to the passage of the bipartisan budget agreement: “When the full faith and credit of the United States was on the line, President Biden answered the call and delivered a historic bipartisan budget agreement for the American people. “In a testament to his experience and […]

FACT CHECK: Donald Trump Failed to Deliver for Veterans

Donald Trump failed our nation’s veterans. Instead of actually supporting the Americans who served and sacrificed for our country, he left the Department of Veterans Affairs in the hands of his MAGA allies who were more concerned with lining their own pockets than delivering real aid to vets and their families. Donald Trump left the […]

REMINDER: Trump Can’t Stop Praising Putin

Despite Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked, brutal war against Ukraine, Donald Trump has repeatedly and unashamedly heaped praise on the Russian dictator – even saying he might have let Russia “take over” parts of Ukraine. Donald Trump praises Putin every chance he gets, undermining democracy and our allies. Donald Trump, April 2023: “I got along very well […]