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NEW: Fed Projects Increased Economic Growth, Unemployment to Continue to Fall

Today, the Federal Reserve upped their projections for economic growth from last year’s projection of 4.2% to 7% this year. They also announced a projection of 4.5% unemployment which is substantially down from 6.3% at the end of the Trump administration%.  Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, our economy is recovering and America is bouncing […]

Flashback: Republicans Helped Trump Sell Out To Putin

Today, as President Biden meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin, we wanted to remind you of how Donald Trump consistently kowtowed to Russia — and congressional Republicans consistently gave him a pass. Senate Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, allowed Trump to lift sanctions on key Putin allies. Reuters: “In a victory for President Donald Trump, the U.S. Senate […]

Republican Talking Points on Inflation Start To Deflate

After months of fear mongering about inflation rates, Republicans are watching another talking point quickly deflate as the markets increasingly show inflation is an expected result of our country reopening and is predicted to be temporary. President Biden and Democrats have done exceptional work to help our economy recover, putting millions of dollars into the […]

On Child Tax Credit Awareness Day, MDP Praises Biden’s Investments in Families and Blast Michigan GOP for Voting Against Cutting Child Poverty

LANSING — Today, on Child Tax Credit Awareness Day, Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes issued the following statement praising President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress for expanding the credit through the American Rescue Plan and blasting the Michigan Republicans who voted against it: “President Biden understands that the economy only works if it […]

Message from the MI GOP: If you don’t meet our impossible standards, you can’t vote

The Michigan Democratic Party issued the following statement on behalf of Lavora Barnes, chair of the Michigan Democratic Party regarding the voter suppression bills voted on today in the State Senate. “Today’s actions in the State Senate were deplorable, racist, and quite frankly shameful. Michigan’s 2020 elections were safe and secure. But that has not stopped the Republicans from launching […]

Michigan Republicans Remain Obsessed With the Big Lie and Are Playing the Long Game to Maintain It

Fox 2 Detroit headline: Michigan Officials Fear Conspiracy Theorists Will Fill Election Worker Shortage LANSING — As Michigan Republicans continue to push false claims about the 2020 election, new reporting from Fox 2 Detroit highlights the dangerous combination of several vacancies as local election officials have weathered “newfound partisan rancor around the jobs” and a […]

ICYMI: Bloomberg: Factory Output in U.S. Increased in May by More Than Forecast

Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Democrats, American manufacturing is back. U.S. factory output increased in May by more than forecast, and is expected to pick up even more steam in the months ahead. Bloomberg: Factory Output in U.S. Increased in May by More Than Forecast By: Vince GolleJune 15, 2021Output at U.S. […]

Biden’s Reshaping and Diversifying Our Courts

Biden’s nominations and the Senate’s confirmations bring people of color, untraditional backgrounds to the fore With an eye toward diversifying an overwhelmingly white and male judiciary, President Biden and Senate Democrats have begun reshaping the judiciary by installing leaders that bring deep experience and new voices to our courts — and doing it at a […]