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DNC on Yom Kippur

In observance of Yom Kippur, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Interfaith Council Co-Chairs Nadia Ahmad, Cindy Bass, Sarah Levin, and Johnnie Roebuck released the following statement: “Yom Kippur offers us the chance to reflect on the past year alongside our loved ones and communities. As Democrats, we join Jewish Americans on this day to […]

DNC on the Passing of United Steelworkers President Tom Conway

DNC Chair Jaime Harrison and DNC Labor Council Chair Stuart Appelbaum released the following joint statement on the passing of United Steelworkers President Tom Conway: “We are devastated by the passing of our friend, United Steelworkers President Tom Conway. As an organizer, activist, and leader, Tom was a champion of labor in the truest sense […]

MAGA Republicans Fall in Line To Support Trump’s Call for a Government Shutdown

Another day, another news cycle making Donald Trump’s influence over MAGA House Republicans clear. New reporting shows some extreme House GOP members falling in line and echoing Trump’s calls for a government shutdown if their laundry list of extreme partisan demands isn’t met.  New reporting shows the latest on MAGA House Republicans throwing their support […]

ICYMI: The Washington Post: The Republican case against Biden takes a body blow … from Fox News

Key Point: “The news here is that Fox, which has been an essential platform for every unfounded allegation from Comer and his allies, accidentally stepped on its own messaging. … The channel ran countless segments on a baseless bribery allegation — that itself centers on Biden’s relationship to Burisma. Fox News and House Republicans will either […]

MAGA Republicans’ Government Shutdown Would Be Devastating for Hardworking Americans 

With Speaker-in-name-only Kevin McCarthy unable to get his MAGA House GOP in order, Americans are bracing for a government shutdown that would have devastating impacts — from weakening our national security and strength at the border to undermining democracy by jeopardizing essential aid to our allies in Ukraine, halting essential inspections that keep our food […]

What They Are Saying: People Highlight Donald Trump’s Record on Abortion Because Media Won’t

Donald Trump’s new media strategy is straight-up gaslighting the American people on his abortion record – and to no one’s surprise, the mainstream press is happily playing along. What yesterday’s coverage missed was that it was Trump who pushed for an extreme national abortion ban while he was in office, he was the one who […]

DNC Mobile Billboard Blasts the 2024 MAGA Republican Field Ahead of Faith and Freedom Town Hall

As the 2024 MAGA Republican presidential field flocks to Des Moines for the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s presidential town hall, the DNC is rolling out a mobile billboard campaign hammering these GOP presidential hopefuls on their extreme MAGA agendas. The billboard calls out these candidates for calling to ban abortion, wanting to end Social […]

ICYMI: The Independent: Marjorie Taylor Greene admits aim of Biden impeachment is to ensure Democrats ‘lose big’ at next election

Key Point: “Marjorie Taylor Greene has admitted that the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry is a nakedly political scheme to ensure Democrats ‘lose big’ at the next presidential election. […] The probe came after exhaustive GOP efforts failed to find any evidence of wrongdoing by Mr Biden or that he directly benefited from the business dealings […]

IN THE STATES: While MAGAnomics Leaves Working Americans Behind, Bidenomics Delivers

Yesterday, President Biden delivered a major economic address spotlighting the contrast between Bidenomics building the economy from the bottom up and middle out, and Republicans’ failed trickle-down MAGAnomics centered on slashing taxes for the wealthy, cutting Social Security and Medicare, and raising costs for working families.  In Maryland: Baltimore Sun: In Maryland, President Joe Biden […]

NEW: Donald Trump Behind MAGA Republican Impeachment Push

For months, Donald Trump has been telling his allies in the House to use the same debunked conspiracy theories to push their baseless impeachment inquiry, and more reporting highlights just how Kevin McCarthy has turned the House into an arm of Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump was actively involved in yesterday’s decision by Speaker-in-name-only McCarthy to […]