In response to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp following Donald Trump’s playbook and doubling down on his refusal to expand Medicaid, DNC spokesperson Jackie Bush released the following statement: 

“Extreme Republican Brian Kemp put his hypocrisy on full display as he took credit for health care gains in Georgia thanks to President Biden’s work building upon the Affordable Care Act – while attacking Medicaid expansion. Kemp and MAGA governors across the country are taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook as they double down on blocking Medicaid expansion. Kemp is all too happy to take credit for President Biden and Democrats’ health care successes while following his craven leader Donald Trump as Trump threatens to slash funding for Medicare, proposes repealing the Affordable Care Act, and bends over backwards to appease Big Pharma. Come November, Georgians won’t forget Trump and Kemp’s devastating attacks on their health care.”

NEW: Brian Kemp doubles down on rejecting Medicaid expansion and depriving hundreds of thousands of Georgians of health care coverage.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Brian Kemp on Georgia Medicaid expansion in 2025: ‘I’m in the no camp’”

“Gov. Brian Kemp said he opposes an effort to expand Medicaid next year, even as a growing number of Republicans say they’re open to a debate on allowing Georgia to join the 40 other states that have boosted their programs for low-income residents.

“For the first time, Kemp unveiled a set of statistics he said showed that his programs have increased health care coverage to about 713,000 additional Georgians, including the 3,800 or so on his Pathways plan. However, he appears to be referring to huge increases in signups for Affordable Care Act private plans driven mostly by federal subsidies under Biden. The subsidies made the plans nearly free to low-income people.”

KFF: “In Georgia, 359,000 uninsured nonelderly adults would become eligible for Medicaid.”

Medicaid expansion could benefit up to 2.9 million Americans if Donald Trump and extreme MAGA governors would stop standing in the way of their constituents accessing health care.

KFF: “If all states adopted the Medicaid expansion, approximately 2.9 million uninsured adults would become newly eligible for Medicaid.” 

Trump’s cruel crusade to attack Medicaid access mercilessly ripped away health care coverage from adults and children.

ProPublica: “The Trump Administration Cracked Down on Medicaid. Kids Lost Insurance.”

Los Angeles Times: “Rebuffed by the courts in its previous efforts to gut Medicaid, the Trump administration teed up a new, far-reaching attack on the program that could affect the health of millions of low-income Americans.”

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “President Trump has made clear that his goal remains to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including its expansion of Medicaid to low-income adults, and to impose rigid caps on the federal government’s Medicaid spending.”

CBS News: “Trump administration to withhold Medicaid funding from California over abortion insurance requirement”

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