LANSING — Another “messy” week in the Michigan GOP Senate Showdown as Mike Rogers faces more “blowback” and “backlash” over his “endorsement that raised eyebrows,” being an “active registered voter” in Florida, and his extensive anti-abortion record.

Here’s the latest on the Republicans’ “brutal intraparty battle:”

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Detroit News: Insider: Mike Rogers ‘proud’ of endorsement from Trump ally, then deletes tweet

  • Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Mike Rogers felt some blowback last week after touting the endorsement of Donald Trump ally Kash Patel, who worked in the former president’s Justice Department and as chief of staff at the Pentagon.
  • Patel, whose endorsement Rogers initially said he was “proud” to receive, suggested in December that if Trump is reelected, the administration would go after journalists to try to prosecute them “criminally or civilly.” 
  • The deletion followed negative reactions from the likes of Larry Pfeiffer, former chief of staff to CIA Director Michael Hayden during the presidency of George W. Bush and former senior director of the White House Situation Room.
  • We reported last week that Rogers is registered to vote in both Michigan and Florida… 
  • The Florida Secretary of State’s office referred us to the director of voter registration in Lee County, where Rogers owns a home.
  • The voter registration director, Maybety Bonachea, responded Friday to say, indeed, Rogers remains an active registered voter in Lee County but said they had not received any information regarding his removal.

The Daily Beast: Rogers That

  • For Mike Rogers… it was an endorsement that raised eyebrows.
  • Patel might be best known as a top aide to Rogers’ successor, former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who led the charge against the so-called anti-Trump “deep state.” He then rose through the Trump administration while championing 2020 election conspiracies and calling for the criminal prosecution of journalists in a second Trump administration.
  • Amid the backlash, Rogers’ account deleted the tweet announcing Patel’s endorsement. When reached for comment by The Daily Beast this week, the campaign declined to talk at all about the endorsement or why they deleted the tweet.
  • Patel is still listed as a supporter on Rogers’ campaign website.

Washington Examiner“As a former member of Congress, Mike Rogers said he only supported abortions “to prevent the death of the mother.” As a member of the House from 2001 to 2015, Rogers co-sponsored four different fetal personhood bills that would completely ban abortion nationwide: in 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2013.”


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