LANSING — For sale: Mike Rogers’ soul. The price? An endorsement from Kash Patel, “a key figure in the events that led to Trump’s first impeachment” and “peddler of fake pills.” The icing on the cake? Rogers ended up deleting the endorsement after lots of “backlash.” 

Here’s the latest on the “unruly” GOP Senate Showdown as the Republicans take more “flak” and “damage:” 

  • On last week’s Off the Record, Michigan reporters laid out the stakes of the primary. With the infighting from all of the “competition” in the race, the general candidate will end up taking lots of “flak” and “damage” that he’ll have to “defend his record on.”
  • Tax giveaways for billionaires? Rogers, Meijer, Pensler, and Amash think we should make it happen. All of the GOP Senate candidates supported Trump’s tax giveaway bill that benefited the ultra-wealthy and large corporations.

See for yourself: 

Michigan Independent: Mike Rogers deletes endorsement from peddler of fake pills that ‘reverse’ COVID vaccines

  • Mike Rogers, the former Michigan congressman who is running for the Republican nomination for Senate, touted the endorsement of a former Trump administration official who is pushing a fake pill that claims to reverse the effects of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • “I’m proud to have the endorsement from a true America First Patriot, Kash Patel!” Rogers, who is running for the Michigan U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow, said in a post on X. Rogers deleted the post on May 17, four days after sending it, after he received backlash from the national security committee, according to a report from the Detroit News’ Melissa Nann Burke. 
  • Patel, who worked as a staffer on former President Donald Trump’s National Security Council, has promoted a pill called Nocovidium on his Truth Social account; the pill, sold by a company called Warrior Essentials, is falsely advertised to “eliminate pathogens and toxins, including the harmful spike protein” from the COVID-19 vaccine, from the human body.
  • Hawking sham anti-vaccine supplements is not the only controversial thing Patel has done.
  • He was a key figure in the events that led to Trump’s first impeachment, which centered around Trump’s effort to withhold military support from Ukraine in an effort to pressure Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy into providing damaging information about then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. Former White House officials said Patel served as a back channel to Trump to help push the scheme. 
  • Patel appeared on former Trump administration official Steve Bannon’s podcast in December 2023 and vowed retribution against members of the media and government whom Trump considers his enemies. 

CNN: “As a congressman in 2010, Michigan Republican Mike Rogers said he supported abortion under only one circumstance. ‘I believe abortions should be legal only to prevent the death of the mother,’ he said in a local interview. While serving in the US House before Roe v. Wade was overturned, Rogers consistently voted for 20-week abortion bans.”

Detroit News: Rogers still registered in Florida

  • Questions were raised last week about Republican Senate candidate Mike Rogers’ still being registered to vote in Florida.
  • The Detroit News checked with the Florida Department of State, which confirmed that, yes, Rogers remains on the list of active voters in the Sunshine State, registered at a home he owns in Cape Coral. He registered at that address in January 2022.

Detroit News: “Trump’s nod didn’t seem to translate into a significant fundraising boost… Rogers’ total for the quarter was slightly less than his haul for the last three months of 2023… [Rogers] was also outraised by a few U.S. House candidates from Michigan last quarter.” 

Detroit News: “‘We continue to substantially outpace every other Republican candidate in contributions week after week,’ Amash said.” 

NBC News: “Michigan Republican Sandy Pensler… spent more than $500,000 of their own money on their races as they compete in GOP primaries…”

WATCH: Off the Record

WATCH: Off the Record

Michigan Democratic Party: REMINDER: Rogers, Meijer, Pensler, and Amash Backed Trump’s Tax Giveaway to the Ultra-Wealthy and Big Corporations


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