LANSING — Governor Whitmer recently signed a $70 billion budget that features $229M meant to aid local municipalities with much-needed road and environmental infrastructural improvements pertaining to repair or full replacement of bridges, future extreme weather preparation, and replacement of lead water lines. Last week, she joined President Biden to emphasize how the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is estimated to bring a much needed $7 billion to Michigan to fix crumbling roads and bridges in addition to creating thousands of good-paying union jobs.

Meanwhile, none of the 12 Republicans running for governor have shown Michiganders that infrastructure is a campaign priority for them or even an issue they are prepared to address on day one. 

Tudor Dixon took the opportunity to show Michiganders once again that she will put blanket hyperpartisanship ahead of good policy. Last week, she claimed credit for an idea she vehemently opposed when she called the infrastructure bill “fake” immediately after it passed the U.S. Senate in August:

Newsmax Host: Yeah we’ve got this video of Biden’s arrival in your state today. He got hit hard by the Trumpers, which I’m sure really, wasn’t an inspiring way to come into your state. You’re actually rolling out your own roads and bridges plan in Michigan as you run for governor, can you just give us a quick update on that?    

Tudor Dixon: Yes, instead of just fixing a few roads, we think we should be going to every town, every county commission, every mayor and saying here we have these dollars. Look, we have an opportunity right now that we’ve never had in Michigan. We have all this money from the federal government. Let’s give it to the folks who understand what roads they need fixed in their towns…How about the ones that we drive across every single day? Those folks know where that money should be spent. That’s exactly where we should be spending that money and sending that money, to local folks who know what roads are so bad. […]

MDP Spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Tudor Dixon has shown time and again that she puts partisan games ahead of Michiganders. She’s made no bones about her opposition to the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and Governor Whitmer’s investments in fixing our roads, and then turned around and sang a different tune during a national interview. Michiganders deserve better than someone who opposes bipartisan policy for political gain. Governor Whitmer has exhibited strong leadership in her willingness to work with anyone to keep delivering wins for Michigan’s working families and securing resources to fix our roads and keep our strong economic recovery going.”

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