32 Senate Republicans just voted to side with China over bringing American jobs home. They voted against the CHIPS and Science Act — a bipartisan bill designed to bring American manufacturing jobs back home and boost U.S. competitiveness against China. 

By refusing to work across the aisle, these MAGA Republicans have made clear that they are willing to put American jobs and livelihoods on the line for a partisan stunt, even though the legislation is specifically designed to help lower costs for American families. 

NBC News: “[The CHIPS Act] is no small feat… it would authorize tens of billions more for science programs and regional technology hubs to keep the U.S. competitive with its rivals.”

This is despite the fact that Americans across party lines overwhelmingly support the CHIPS and Science Act. 

Republicans have made it clear that they would rather side with China than protect manufacturing jobs at home. The American people deserve answers from the Senate GOP.

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