Stop us if you’ve heard this before: There is a proposed policy that is wildly popular, would help millions of everyday Americans, and Mitch McConnell is already out of the gates opposing it.  McConnell is back at it again, already announcing his opposition to President Biden’s plan to invest in infrastructure.

Americans overwhelmingly support making improvements to the nation’s infrastructure by raising taxes on the rich and corporations.

Politico: “By a 2-to-1 margin, registered voters backed a hypothetical $3 trillion infrastructure package financed by tax increases on those making over $400,000 as well as raising the corporate tax rate. And 47% said they would be more likely to support an infrastructure plan if it were paid for by raising the corporate tax rate, vs. 21% who said they’d be less likely to support it and 31% who said that wouldn’t affect their thinking.”

After they “blundered” their messaging opposing the popular American Rescue Plan, McConnell and Republicans are running the same hypocritical playbook.

Daily Beast: “Still, Republican strategists warned that GOP lawmakers could fall into a trap by just raging against the overall price tag. Voters seem less outraged by big numbers after both parties passed trillions in relief during the COVID crisis. And, as Cooper said, Republicans lost a good bit of messaging leverage on spending during the Trump administration.”

The American Jobs Plan will invest billions of dollars to fix our roads, rebuild bridges, and get high-speed internet to rural communities across the country.

CNBC: The proposal would:

  • Put $621 billion into transportation infrastructure such as bridges, roads, public transit, ports, airports and electric vehicle development
  • Direct $400 billion to care for elderly and disabled Americans
  • Inject more than $300 billion into improving drinking-water infrastructure, expanding broadband access and upgrading electric grids
  • Put more than $300 billion into building and retrofitting affordable housing, along with constructing and upgrading schools
  • Invest $580 billion in American manufacturing, research and development and job training efforts

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