What is going on in Idaho?? Well, while the Republican governor traveled nearly 2,000 miles away for his own political stunt at the border, the Republican lieutenant governor tried to upstage him by issuing an anti-vaccine executive order in his absence. Republicans continue to prove they have no idea how to govern without catering to the most extreme, fringe elements of their party.

Idaho’s top Republican leaders created a clown show by trying to outdo each other in performing political stunts for the extreme fringe of their party.

Associated Press: “With Idaho Gov. Brad Little out of the state on Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin issued an executive order involving COVID-19 vaccines. Oh no you don’t, said Little, who promised to rescind it in quick order. The maneuvering of Idaho’s top leaders came while Little was in Texas meeting with nine other Republican governors over concerns on how President Joe Biden is handling border issues […] McGeachin’s executive order issued Tuesday afternoon seeks, among other things, to prevent employers from requiring their employees be vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Washington Post: “This is the second time the state’s top two officials have battled after Little left the state and McGeachin seized the opportunity to issue an executive order in his absence. While Little attended a Republican governors’ conference in Nashville in May, McGeachin banned local governments from issuing mask mandates. Little, saying he wanted those local governments to have control over their communities, rescinded her order when he returned the next day.”


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