For someone who claims to be a successful businesswoman, Tudor Dixon has been a vocal critic of bipartisan measures bringing landmark investments and thousands of job opportunities for Michigan and strengthening the state’s economy all to score cheap political points at the expense of Michigan’s working families. 

For weeks Dixon railed against innovation and job opportunities for rural Michiganders. 

Instead of cheering Michigan being recognized as a “leader in the domestic automotive industry,” in a Twitter video Dixon ranted against economic development deals that secured a new battery plant in Big Rapids, which will create nearly 2,300 jobs and ensure Michigan continues driving innovation in the quickly moving electric vehicle space. This “huge investment in West Michigan” will cement the Great Lakes State as the place for companies to invest in for electric vehicle production, but Tudor Dixon’s version of good business is telling them to leave Michigan.  

Residents of Big Rapids are applauding the Gotion announcement. This will be the “largest investment” in Michigan north of Detroit and create opportunities for local Ferris State University students to go directly into the workforce instead of looking out of state for jobs. Despite local officials negotiating to bring the company in since 2021, Dixon urged the legislature to tank the deal and rip 2,300 jobs away from Mecosta County. 

This is just another example of the long trend of Dixon playing politics over Michigan families.

Dixon’s disdain for the auto industry and the job creation that drives Michigan forward has been evident since her campaign’s inception.  

When “major international gateway” Ambassador Bridge was shut down due to an illegal blockade that impacted $356 million of goods daily, Dixon supported their efforts and encouraged it to continue. This resulted in $299.9 million in direct losses and $51 million in lost wages for Michigan’s working families. Is this her version of good business? 

And when Governor Whitmer helped usher in a $7 billion dollar investment from GM – solidifying the company’s foothold in Michigan and adding 4,000new, good-paying jobs for working families – Dixon slammed the deal. Despite praise from Republicans in the legislature, she would rather have seen those jobs disappear completely. 

Her “piss-poor public policy proposal” would make vital funding for roads, education, and thousands of law enforcement jobs disappear. 

Experts described her plan as “catastrophic for funding,” with an estimated $12 billion from the budget at risk of disappearing from the general fund under a Dixon administration. This would gut vital investments into resources like public education, infrastructure, and would threaten thousands of police jobs who rely on this funding to budget salaries and retention efforts. 

Maybe she’s having such a hard time disguising her disdain for businesses and job creation because of her years leading a company with dangerous working conditions, bounced checks, and missed paydays for her employees. 

Michigan Democratic Party spokesperson Alyssa Bradley released the following statement: 

“Tudor Dixon is a failed businesswoman who would run Michigan into the ground. She has no plans to keep Michigan workers at the forefront of her administration as she actively advocates against the companies investing in and creating thousands of jobs in the state. Simply put: Our economy can’t afford a Dixon administration.” 

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