In response to Tim Scott’s foreign policy forum at Georgetown University tonight, DNC spokesperson Sarafina Chitika released the following statement:

“These serious times demand serious leadership, and Tim Scott has proven he can’t be trusted on foreign policy. He was a cheerleader for Trump’s reckless foreign policy agenda, used his position in the Senate to put China’s interests ahead of the American people, and skipped a key vote to provide security funding to Israel because he was too busy promoting himself on the campaign trail. Americans and our allies need strong and steady leadership, not someone who has proven to be out of their depth.”

Tim Scott is ill-prepared to be America’s commander-in-chief.

Council on Foreign Relations: “Foreign policy hasn’t figured prominently in Scott’s political career. He served primarily on committees with a domestic focus during his first decade in the Senate. He did join the Foreign Relations Committee in January 2023. Scott has not made any foreign policy issue a focal point of his run for the White House.”

Politico:  “After Scott appeared at the Tucker Carlson-moderated Christian Family Leadership Summit in Iowa last weekend, some conservative commentators bemoaned that he dodged tough questions — such as whether to arm Ukraine with cluster munitions — with the Washington Examiner’s Byron York chiding him for trying to ‘joke his way out of difficult situations.’ The performance fueled a perception that Scott is a step behind on foreign policy experience.”

Scott praised Trump’s reckless foreign policy agenda and downplayed Trump’s lack of leadership on the global stage.

Politico: “President Donald Trump’s handling of foreign policy is ‘so far, so good,’ Sen. Tim Scott said on Fox News Thursday.”

Scott: “We have to let him do what he is doing.”

Politico: “Asked if the American people deserve greater transparency on the president’s recent closed-door meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the South Carolina Republican answered: ‘I have confidence that what happened in the meeting is in the best interests of the country.’ … Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have criticized Trump in the wake of his Monday news conference with Putin, taking issue with his comments casting doubt on Russian election interference, expressing openness to the possibility of handing over Americans to Russia, and more.”

Scott skipped a vote in July on the National Defense Authorization Act, which included security funding for Israel.

USA Today: “South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott missed a crucial vote Thursday evening on passing the National Defense Authorization Act because he was campaigning for president in Iowa.”

The FY24 NDAA passed out of the Senate provided funding for a variety of Israeli security measures, including the Iron Dome and cooperative missile defense.

Scott has used his Banking Committee perch to put China over America’s best interests.

Politico: “Since taking the top Republican slot on the powerful Senate Banking Committee this year, the South Carolina lawmaker has been one of the biggest roadblocks to new rules restricting U.S.-China trade — everything from TikTok bans to reviews of high-tech investment.

“In recent months, Scott has used his Banking Committee perch to water down bipartisan Senate legislation that would have allowed the federal government to block deals with Chinese tech companies that presented national security risks.

“The hawks see a pattern in Scott’s positions: They reflect the China priorities of Wall Street, which broadly opposes new rules that would restrict American trade and investment in China and other nations.”

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