DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, Secretary Jason Rae, and DNC LGBTQ Caucus Chair Earl Fowlkes released the following statement on Transgender Day of Visibility:

“On Transgender Day of Visibility, we honor the courage and resilience of transgender and nonbinary Americans and celebrate their many contributions to our country. In recent years, political and legal attacks against the LGBTQ+ community have rapidly increased across our country. While this day should be a moment of celebration, we must also take stock of the hardships this community faces on a daily basis and recognize the victims of transphobic violence. So far in 2024, almost five hundred anti-transgender bills have been introduced in forty-two different states. Extreme MAGA Republicans want to restrict access to health care, attack LGBTQ+ education in our schools, and target LGBTQ+ youth. They are determined to create a future where the fundamental right to love who you love and be who you are is stripped away. 

“Democrats across the country are determined to protect our transgender and nonbinary friends and family from hatred, violence, and discrimination. President Biden rescinded the ban on openly transgender people serving in the military, and with a historic number of openly LGBTQ+ public servants in the administration, we are working every day to make our country more accessible and inclusive for transgender and nonbinary Americans. 

“As the trangender and nonbinary community continues to inspire us all through their bravery, strength, and heart, Democrats are committed to doing our part in working to create a society where their personal freedom and courage is celebrated and accepted in every corner of the country. Trans rights are human rights, and we will not stop until those rights are secured nationwide.”

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