Florida parents are struggling to find places where they can vaccinate their kids against COVID-19. Why? Last month, Ron DeSantis was the only governor in the country who refused to pre-order vaccines for kids under five. 

Washington Post: “Kids’ coronavirus vaccines are hard to find in Fla. Many blame DeSantis.”

DeSantis is playing politics with Floridians’ lives to score political points — and now children are paying the price. 

Washington Post: “‘For them, it’s not about science, it’s about politics,’ [Florida pediatrician Lisa] Gwynn said. ‘But when the state decided not to preorder… that’s when it became a health equity issue. This was real. This was cutting off the supply to those children.’”

Time and again, DeSantis has turned his back on the people of Florida. Voters cannot afford this extreme, anti-science agenda.

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