LANSING — In a rambling interview in which he arbitrarily referenced poll data multiple times, James Craig appeared on Fox and Friends yesterday in what marked the 20th installment of his “endless softball gauntlet.”

Once again appearing before a partisan anchor that lavished him with praise attributed to nothing in particular, Craig was given yet another opportunity to appear accessible to press without having to be held accountable by local reporters or establish where he stands on issues of importance to Michigan voters.

Tonight that puff tour can be expected to continue as the retired police chief gears up for what will likely be the first dress rehearsal of his campaign before the Republican Party of Jackson County in a speech titled “Why I am a Republican.” It’s unclear if any of the six officially declared gubernatorial candidates will be attending or were also given speaking slots.

Since he is a Republican convert and has been dodging political questions for months on end, Craig’s speech must address the following major questions of the primary that have already been definitively answered by many of his would-be opponents:

  • How much will you be aligning yourself with Trump?
  • Do you support his Big Lie?
  • And on the six-month anniversary of the violence incited by that dangerous crusade, were insurrectionists justified in their actions?

“From the beginning, the only thing that has emerged from James Craig’s quasi-run is the fact that he’s a typical politician. Since he became MIGOP co-chair Ron Weiser’s hand-picked darling in this primary, Craig has spent nearly two months dodging local reporters and refusing to answer basic questions on the issues that already dominate this crowded and divisive primary.” said Rodericka Applewhaite, MDP spokesperson. “Now, he’s doing his first political event — not in Detroit where he served as police chief for nearly a decade — but at a partisan event selected by his insider consultants in what can only be interpreted as a soft opening to minimize risk. Guess those canned talking points have to get road tested somewhere.”

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