LANSING — In case you missed it, wildly unpopular former Governor Rick Snyder is slated to attend a “civility” event at Oakland University tonight, sparking intense outrage from a number of groups on campus due to his outrageous record on environmental (poisoning Michiganders) and social justice issues from his time in office.

Not only was Snyder one of Michigan’s worst and most destructive governors, causing long-lasting damage to our great state, but he now seems determined to crawl back on the scene instead of fading quietly into the history books. How is he spending his time, you ask? While masquerading as a moderate, “civil” Republican leader, Snyder is working with his buddy, MAGA Matt Hall, behind the scenes to get more and more MAGA Republicans elected into the halls of power.

We fully expect Rick Snyder to keep up this two-faced game of lecturing Michiganders on the need for polite civil discourse while financially propping up the most extreme members of the MI House GOP. And we here at the Democratic Party fully plan on exposing him every step of the way. 

Read more about Rick Snyder’s less-than-warm reception from Oakland University’s students below:

Michigan Advance: Oakland University groups call out former Gov. Rick Snyder headlining ‘civility’ event

  • Two Oakland University-based organizations are calling out a school decision to host GOP former Gov. Rick Snyder in an Oakland University Center for Civic Engagement event on Monday.
  • “It’s troubling to say the least that our university would invite former Gov. Snyder to campus as an authority on civil political discourse,” said Jeff Insko, member of CASE-OU. “Treating Snyder as an authority on civility whitewashes his role in some of the worst environmental and social injustices in Michigan in decades. Not only is he responsible for poisoning the citizens of Flint and denying tens of thousands of Detroiters their basic right to water, he also forced through the Line 5 oil tunnel plan in the Straits of Mackinac at a moment when the planet is on fire.”
  • Alan Epstein of Oakland University Community Concerned about Civility and Justice said that “Snyder’s emergency manager laws and policies wrested power from Black-majority municipal governments for the sake of imposing draconian austerity policies.
  • “While it’s true emergency managers along with Snyder no longer hold office, convening a panel discussion on civility that excludes the voices of those who continue to suffer from the previous regimes of undemocratic emergency management both legitimizes those deplorable policies and dishonors Oakland University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.”
  • Snyder, who served as Michigan governor between 2011 and 2019, did not respond to an Advance call and email to his SensCy cybersecurity firm’s office in Ann Arbor. 


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