As wife of Republican Rep. Bob Bezotte accuses him of 5 decades of abuse, it begs the question of whether Bezotte should be allowed to serve in the Michigan Legislature

LANSING — Today, the Detroit News uncovered serious allegations of physical and emotional abuse against current State Rep. Bob Bezotte (MI-50) by his wife of 50 years in their divorce filings. These accusations are incredibly disturbing and call into question Bezotte’s history as both an elected official and former county sheriff.

Just this past month, in his recent votes against common sense domestic violence gun regulations, Bezotte voted to allow domestic abusers to keep their firearms, as well as maintain their access to purchase more weapons. 

There is now a glaring question we have to ask: as a law enforcement officer of 33 years, did Bezotte use his power to potentially stop his wife from reporting or seeking help? What we do know is that Rep. Bezotte likes to keep his political connections close. He even hired the husband of the Livingston County judge – who reviewed the initial filings – to handle his divorce.

The bottom line is that these accusations are disqualifying, full stop. As this story continues to unfold, it will undoubtedly bring up even more questions about Bezotte’s past actions, and whether he should be allowed to continue to serve our state. 

Read more about these disturbing accusations below: 

Detroit News: Michigan Republican lawmaker’s wife alleges years of abuse in divorce filing

  • A Republican state lawmaker and former county sheriff was accused by his longtime wife of physical and emotional abuse during their more than 50 years of marriage in divorce documents filed last week
  • Shelia Bezotte, wife of state Rep. Bob Bezotte of Howell, said in her divorce filing, she “has suffered mental, emotional and physical abuse throughout the years of marriage…”
  • “Plaintiff fears the defendant will stop contributing financially to the marital home as well as the bills he has been paying for years,” Shelia Bezotte’s lawyer said in a filing. “The plaintiff is unemployed; she has been a stay-at-home wife and mother for 52 years.”
  • ​​At some point, Bob Bezotte hired lawyer William McCririe to be his attorney in the matter.
  • McCririe, a former Livingston County commissioner, is the husband of Geddis and contributed $91,000 to his wife’s judicial campaign in 2018, according to public records.
  • Bob Bezotte gave $100 to the Geddis campaign for judge on Oct. 25, 2018, according to disclosure records…
  • Rep. Bezotte served in the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office for 33 years, including 12 years as Livingston County sheriff. 


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