LANSING — This weekend, Peter Meijer doubled down on his support for abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest. During an appearance on Off the Record, Meijer refused to denounce dangerous abortion bans three separate times.  

This follows Meijer’s attendance at an anti-abortion rally in support of the Right to Life lawsuit to overturn Proposal 3, the overwhelmingly popular, voter-approved amendment that codifies reproductive freedom in the Michigan constitution.

Meijer has an extensive anti-choice record. He voiced support for a national abortion ban in 2022. During his time in Congress, Meijer voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act. 

See for yourself:

PBS Detroit Off the Record Overtime: Meijer was asked “if he’ll change his stance on rape and incest being exceptions for abortion or are you going to hold fast to that?” He refused to give a clear answer, responding “In what context…” When asked again if he did not like those exceptions and if that was correct, Meijer fumbled, saying “I’m not sure what you mean…”

Heartland Signal tweet about Peter Meijer's refusal to answer if he believes in rape and incest exceptions for abortion.

CBS Detroit: Right to Life sues to block Michigan abortion rights law

  • The group marched to the Michigan Supreme Court building in light of a new federal lawsuit filed Wednesday against Proposal 3, which placed the right to abortion care into the Michigan constitution. 
  • Michigan’s 2022 ballot Proposal 3 was approved by voters last November with 56% of the vote. 
Nikki Snyder Facebook post with a photo of Snyder and Meijer at the Michigan Right to Life March


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