LANSING — In case you missed it, Michigan Advance exposed MAGA Republican state House candidate Josh Powell earlier this week for opposing abortion without exceptions of any kind. According to the report, Powell favors repealing the overwhelmingly popular legislation Democrats passed to protect abortion if elected. 

What makes this particularly relevant is that Powell is the Republican nominee running in the April 16th special election for the 25th House District. With less than two weeks from this special election that will determine control of the state House of Representatives, it is more important than ever for voters to hear the truth from candidates’ mouths — Republicans will strip Michiganders of their personal freedoms if given the opportunity in the legislature.

As Michigan Advance detailed, when Powell was asked at a recent event if he supported abortion access, he firmly stated that he is “100% pro-life” without exceptions of any kind. Powell goes on to say that he would take any opportunity to undo Proposition 3, the Reproductive Freedom for All amendment that overwhelmingly passed in 2022, and will oppose any expansions of reproductive freedoms in the House. 

Despite nearly 70% of Wayne County voting in favor of Prop 3, Powell would still try to enact an unpopular, radical anti-abortion agenda if he was elected. This kind of extremism not only goes against Michigan values, it proves that the MIGOP at every level, from a single House candidate to the top of the ticket, is more concerned with their far-right agenda than serving their communities. 

The bombshell story once again exposes the Michigan GOP for what they are: anti-abortion MAGA cronies who don’t care about the damage an abortion ban would cause or the countless lives that could be lost. This is why we need to continue to elect Democrats who prioritize defending reproductive rights and the safety of Michiganders everywhere. 

Read the full story here and check some highlights below:

Michigan Advance: GOP nominee for special Michigan House election says he opposes abortion ‘without exception’

  • Josh Powell, a candidate for a special Michigan House election this month, said during a GOP event that he opposes all abortion “without exception” — and, if elected, is open to repealing the state’s landmark abortion law…
  • The attendee said: “So abortion is a really important topic for me, and a really personal topic for me. So I just wanted to get confirmation from you that you are 100% pro life and that when you’re in government, that you’re going to act that way, that you’re going to govern that way.”
  • Powell then responded: “Yeah. No. I mean, personally, I’m 100% pro life. I know Prop 3 kind of takes away the choice in the Legislature, but if there’s any opportunities to go that route…”
  • The attendee then asked: “But on principle, 100% pro-life, without exception?” “Yeah. Me personally? Yeah,” Powell responded.
  • “OK. That reassuring,” said the attendee, who then asked if Powell had any plans “to fight for that” once he was in government.
  • “I mean, right now all I can really do is stand in the way of expanding it, but I mean, if there’s opportunities that come up, you know, if people want to revisit. … I know there’s already things underway to … revisit Prop 3, put it back on the ballot, you know, that sort of thing. So yeah. I mean, if we can get something with enough signatures, then I can, you know, we can pass it through the House without having to go through the voting process.”


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