MLive highlighted Chair Barnes slamming Ringler as “partisan hack” for abusing office to push extremist election fraud lies

LANSING — In case you missed it, this weekend, MLive reported on Michigan Democratic Party Chair Lavora Barnes slamming Michigan Auditor General Doug Ringler for meeting with legislative Republicans and helping write the letter his office ultimately received to commence an audit and meddle in the fair results of the 2020 election. 

Although the Auditor General’s office is supposed to be nonpartisan, Ringler happily used his position of power to further a radical conspiracy that the election had been stolen in Michigan. Chair Barnes said it best, “It’s a disgrace that state taxpayer dollars have been squandered on an office using its status to play partisan politics and silence the voices of millions of Michigan voters.”

This is the MAGA MIGOP’s favorite tactic: fearmonger about elections to push outright lies and undermine the foundation of our democracy. Ringler has shown himself to be a partisan hack, unworthy of his office or the trust of Michiganders.

Read more about his collusion with the MAGA MIGOP below: 

MLive: Michigan’s top watchdog slammed as ‘partisan hack’ by Democratic party chair

  • The office of Michigan’s auditor general Doug Ringler — a legislature-appointed role with a mandate for independent oversight of state government’s inner workings — has found itself in the crosshairs of the state’s senior Democrats…
  • Barnes’ comment came in response to a report from the publication Michigan Advance, which suggested Ringler had facilitated Republican legislators’ efforts to attack the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. 
  • The Advance obtained emails that showed Ringler had, after the 2020 election, assisted legislative Republicans in crafting a request, sent to his own office, to examine the state’s election procedures…
  • Now the accommodation of Ringler’s office to the GOP inquest, to his critics, smacks of a partisan agenda.
  • “We urge lawmakers to call for a full investigation of Ringler’s conduct in light of these disturbing media reports so we can bring to light what other ways Ringler has aided and abetted Republicans intent on bringing down our democracy to serve Donald Trump and MAGA extremists,” Barnes said.


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