Michigan Dem leaders are showing their support for Biden before Feb. 27 presidential primary

LANSING — With just a week until Michigan’s presidential primary, Democrats are out in full force stumping for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Democrats at every level are working to highlight the importance of reelecting Joe Biden to keep delivering on the issues that matter most to Michiganders. 

President Biden and Vice President Harris have fought for Michiganders at every turn, and our Democrats have been uplifting their successes on lowering costs, growing jobs, and supporting working-class families to grow enthusiasm ahead of next Tuesday. 

“We are one week out from the primary, and the contrast between a second Biden term and another MAGA Trump presidency could not be clearer,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes. “This election will decide the fate of the issues that matter most to Michiganders: from reproductive rights to workers’ rights to our very democracy, and we aren’t taking any votes for granted as we fight to protect those rights.”

Check out coverage below of Democratic leaders stumping for Biden-Harris ahead of the primary: 

“This is a president that keeps faith with this country and will keep faith with Michigan which is important not least because Michigan happens to be among the biggest reasons why Joe Biden is president of the United States and we’re counting on Michigan to make that happen again.” – Pete Buttigieg on WWMT

“People in Michigan know that we have manufacturing jobs coming back home because of [Joe Biden], and wages up, and the middle class growing — that’s all very real…In Michigan, we see that any way you turn – whether it’s here in Detroit…or whether it’s any part of Michigan, you see the handprint of what this President has done.” – Senator Debbie Stabenow on CNN

“These are not normal times. The decision likely facing the American people come November is one of democracy or authoritarianism, stability or chaos…I worry about the hate that we are seeing in this country, and we know that we are going to hear a lot of hate spewing from Donald Trump’s mouth. He’ll slander immigrants, he’ll attack our LGBT communities, he will tell absolute lies about our Arab and Muslim families, friends and neighbors.” – Representative Debbie Dingell in Gongwer

“Joe Biden is just doing a heck of a job, he is the leader we all deserve. He and Kamala Harris, his Vice President, made a series of promises during the campaign trail, and they have delivered on those promises time and time again.” – Representative Haley Stevens on MDP Press Call

“Donald Trump wants an America where we are not the ones who get to decide and be trusted about our most fundamental rights, whether that is the right to make decisions about our own bodies and our own health care, or the right to marry who we love, or the right to vote.” – Representative Sara Jacobs in The Washington Post during a trip to Michigan

“We got a clear candidate who has stood with us every step of the way, at every turn. On the picket line, Joe Biden was there with us, on national television, on our core issues, and in the White House…We’re going to re-elect Joe Biden this fall and keep delivering historic wins for UAW members and all working-class people.” – UAW Region 1 Director LaShawn English on MDP Press Call


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