As the Senate nears a vote on President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, Democrats in states across the country spent this week spreading the message about how this infrastructure package will build on our economic recovery and create millions of good-paying jobs, help American businesses grow by investing in our country’s infrastructure — like our roads, bridges, public transit, and broadband — and keep us competitive with other countries.

In Indiana and Wisconsin, Democratic state parties hosted events highlighting how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will invest in often overlooked communities and create economic opportunities that their states need. 

From North Carolina to Iowa, local leaders on both sides of the aisle wrote about why their communities urgently need the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal — a plan that would drive significant growth, job creation, and innovation in their communities. 

And local media continued to highlight how their readers will benefit from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. As outlets across the country noted, every single state in the nation is poised to gain new jobs and new economic opportunities because of President Biden’s leadership on this bipartisan package. 


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