This week, President Biden and Democrats secured a deal on the details of a once-in-generation investment in our infrastructure, which the Senate is now taking up for consideration. This bipartisan package includes investments that both parties have long agreed are necessary: improving our roads and bridges, getting rid of lead pipes and providing clean drinking water, ensuring every American has access to reliable high-speed Internet, and many other important investments. It’s no wonder this deal has broad public support, and it’s why labor leadersbusiness leaders, and local elected officials from across the country agree that now is the time to pass President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal. 

Take a look at the work Democrats are doing across the country to urge Congress to pass this deal: 

And thanks to President Biden and Democrats, our economy is getting back on track. Jobless claims have dropped, and new data shows that our economy has made a full recovery from the pandemic, posting one of the strongest quarters of economic growth in decades. But it doesn’t stop there — thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, the share of Americans in poverty is expected to fall to the lowest level on record. This finding shows just how important the expanded Child Tax Credit payments going out to most American families are — and why we must extend it for years and years to come. See below for how this middle class tax cut is helping families across the country:


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