In the states this week, local news continued to feature a split screen between President Biden and Democrats working to lower costs and Republicans pushing their extreme agenda of banning abortion, forcing cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and protecting billionaire tax cheats. 

This week, local headlines highlighted how President Biden and Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act is capping insulin prices for seniors at $35 a month.

Beyond lowering costs, the Inflation Reduction Act is bringing manufacturing back home to the United States in a big way — thousands of clean, good-paying jobs are being created in Georgia with a historic investment from a South Korean solar manufacturer. This week’s announcement is just the latest in a series of major investments in American manufacturing, thanks to President Biden and his dedication to making “Made in America” a reality.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, Democrat Aaron Rouse defeated Glenn Youngkin-endorsed Kevin Adams to flip a state Senate seat — helping Democrats push back against Youngkin’s proposed abortion ban. 

And across the states, Republicans are continuing to pursue restrictions to reproductive access, with some even fighting each other over how extreme their abortion bans should be.

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