Eight and a half hours later and Kevin McCarthy really thought he was doing something last night. The incoherent ramble from the GOP leader lasted into the wee hours of the night and was roasted by everyone. It was so bad his own caucus was falling asleep. 

Kevin McCarthy’s stunt will definitely go down in history, but less of a “great man theory” and more of a top ten most embarrassing moments listicle. The only thing he achieved was forcing a vote on this historic bill during the daylight hours and showing the American people how strongly opposed he and Republicans are to lowering costs for families, cutting taxes for the middle class, funding child care, and making the wealthy pay their fair share.

Hate to say we told you so, but Kevin, you should have just gone to sleep.

Associated Press: “Far from the ‘happy conservative’ he claimed to be, the California Republican debuted a new role: angry heir to the Donald Trump legacy, picking up where the former president left off, mercilessly attacking his political opponents and their ideas with a ferocity that is rare even for the divided halls of Congress. The speech was a fact-checker’s bonanza.”

Washington Post: “After 10 months of watching McCarthy contort himself to remain in good standing with Trump — bragging at his Thursday morning news conference that the former president had just called him from the golf course — Democrats simply no longer wanted anything to do with their onetime friend.”

Rolling Stone: “Democrats Delight in Roasting ‘Imbecile’ Kevin McCarthy’s Eight-Hour House Floor Speech”

Daily Beast: “McCarthy seemed to want to make the story about him, rather than a bill that includes $550 billion for climate change, $400 billion for child care and universal preschool, $150 billion each for affordable housing and Medicaid’s home-care program, expanded child tax credits, and expanded Medicare provisions and subsidies, among other priorities.”


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