In response to Lauren Boebert praising funding delivered by President Biden and Democrats that she voted against AGAIN, DNC Regional Press Secretary Stephanie Justice released the following statement: 

“Lauren Boebert has tried to take credit for the achievements President Biden and Democrats have delivered for Coloradans so many times you might wonder why she keeps voting against the bills since she supports the president’s agenda so much. But whether it’s Boebert or Donald Trump, MAGA Republicans refuse to put their extreme politics aside to actually fight for the working families President Biden and Democrats do every day. No matter how many times Boebert attempts to lie to her constituents, President Biden and Democrats are the only ones delivering real results for Colorado families and the American people.”

Boebert voted against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and called it “wasteful” and “garbage” – yet requested federal funding for a transportation project afterward.

Rep. Boebert: “RINOS just passed this wasteful $1.2 trillion dollar “infrastructure” bill. 

Pelosi did not have the votes in her party to pass this garbage. 

Time to name names and hold these fake republicans accountable.”

Business Insider: “Rep. Lauren Boebert is asking for $33.1 million in federal funding for a transportation project after voting against Biden’s infrastructure bill, calling it ‘wasteful’ and ‘garbage.’

“On Monday, Boebert sent a letter to US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg strongly supporting the South Bridge Project in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.”

Boebert called for investments in American infrastructure after voting against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Vanity Fair: “The hypocrisy isn’t limited to those taking undue credit for the infrastructure law; there’s also Lauren Boebert, who lamented the nation’s infrastructure issues this week, despite having voted against legislation to address them.

Rep. Boebert: “We’re sending our money all over the world but our own country is falling down around us.”

This isn’t the first time that Boebert has attempted to take credit for President Biden’s accomplishments after lambasting them. Or the second. Or the third.

Rep. Boebert: “Last year, the Democrats disgracefully would title a bill one way and then load it with a bunch of garbage that had nothing to do with the title, like the shameful infrastructure bill, $1.2 trillion where less than 10% went toward actual infrastructure, or what about the Inflation Reduction Act? AKA the Green New Deal.”

Rep. Boebert: “The so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ needs to be repealed when Republicans take back the House.

Business Insider: “Earlier this month, Rep. Lauren Boebert voted against a must-pass government funding bill that contained more than $20 million for the Colorado district she’s now abandoning.

“On Monday night, she celebrated the impending arrival of that funding anyway.

The Hill: “[President Biden] added that Boebert, ‘along with every other Republican, voted against this bill — and it’s making all this possible. And she railed against its passage. But, that’s OK, she’s welcoming it now.’”

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