he Michigan Democratic Party released the following statement on behalf of Chair Lavora Barnes.  

“Despite MI GOP legislators affirming the legitimacy of Michigan’s 2020 elections and the honesty of the process, Macomb County GOP leaders last week endorsed pro-’big lie’ candidates for SOS and AG. And when announcing their selection, Republicans claimed the former president won the November 2020 election “by a wide margin.” Here we go again, with the “big lie’ that won’t die! 

The fact that they are still debating this issue and that candidates are using this to try to get elected is alarming and deceitful. It has been determined again and again that Michigan had secure, safe, and accurate elections, but Republicans will not let go.

Our Secretary of State and Attorney General have both proven themselves more than capable of doing the job for the citizens of Michigan. You can point to specific results from them both, not wild accusations and ideas. Jocelyn Benson steered us through a tough 2020 election. Dana Nessel has proven to be effective in protecting Michiganders from illegal and unethical activities.

On the other side we have a Kalamazoo attorney who has advanced a discredited theory that the state was using rigged voting machines that distorted election results, and someone who claims that she witnessed irregularities as an observer of the counting process at the TCF Center in Detroit. Two candidates with claims, but with no concrete evidence to back them up.”

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