Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honors fall on Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District GOP candidate Zach Nunn. 

Zach Nunn is the latest extreme candidate we are calling out for unabashedly lying to voters about his anti-choice extremism. Don’t be fooled by Nunn’s desperate attempt to cover the truth, he has gone on the record supporting an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape and incest. 

Associated Press: “During a primary debate in May, Iowa Republican Zach Nunn and his two rivals were asked to raise their hand if they thought all abortions should be illegal. ‘All abortions, no exceptions,’ the moderator clarified. Nunn’s left hand went up.”

Des Moines Register: “Each of the Republicans running in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District affirmed during a debate Tuesday that they believe abortions should be illegal in all circumstances and without exceptions… Nunn, who is a U.S. Air Force veteran, was first to address the issue in the debate, saying he’s been a defender of life ‘on the battlefield, as a parent and at the Statehouse.’” 

Let’s be clear — abortion extremism is the GOP party line. Candidates like Zach Nunn want to lie to voters and cover up their extreme abortion stance. Republican candidates have made clear time and again they have no concern for Americans’ reproductive rights, and this is what’s at stake come November.

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