As Trump’s toxic agenda and divisiveness splinters Republican state parties beyond repair, MAGA Republicans doubled down on their losing strategy of hateful rhetoric, infighting, and extreme abortion bans. 

Take a look at the latest:

MAGA Republicans once again blocked efforts to overturn Donald Trump’s 1864 abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest or health of the mother. Donald Trump bears responsibility for this extreme ban after he “proudly” overturned Roe v. Wade and thinks the chaos currently unleashed on Arizona women is “working very brilliantly.” 

NBC News: “Arizona Republicans again quash effort to repeal 1864 abortion ban”

“For the second time in two weeks, Arizona Republican lawmakers rejected an attempt to repeal a near-total ban on abortion from 1864 that was upheld by the battleground state’s Supreme Court.”

Axios: “Arizona House again blocks repeal of 1864 abortion ban; Senate leaves door open”

“Arizona House Republicans again on Wednesday blocked an attempt to repeal the 1864 ban on nearly all abortions that was reinstated last week by the state Supreme Court.”

Arizona Republic: “Senate kick-starts Arizona abortion ban repeal after House Republicans block similar bill”

“Arizona House Republicans twice blocked attempts on Wednesday to repeal a near-total abortion ban that dates from 1864.”

MAGA Republicans follow Trump’s lead as they weaponize dangerous and divisive rhetoric instead of focusing on whether their party can function. 

The Denver Post: “Colorado GOP meltdown: Leader’s brash style, party spending under fire from fellow Republicans”

“The Republican Party in Colorado is having a crisis of confidence, facing increasing calls from within for Chairman Dave Williams to step down following a raucous GOP assembly last weekend and, in the days that followed, bitter infighting in full view.

“In the face of all the criticism, the party under Williams has doubled down.

“On its official account on the social media platform X, the state GOP went after Republican officeholders and candidates who criticized Williams, calling 4th District congressional candidate Deborah Flora a ‘dishonest, say-anything’ politician after she protested the party’s removal of the reporter from the venue. State Sen. Barb Kirkmeyer, a prominent figure from Brighton, caught fire from the party on the same issue.”

Media Matters: “Michigan GOP Chair Pete Hoekstra works for anti-Muslim institute that warned of ‘Great White Death’ from Muslim immigrants”

“While serving as chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Pete Hoekstra has also been working for the anti-Muslim Gatestone Institute, which has posted commentaries suggesting that Muslims are incompatible with the West, declaring ‘Islam is a Problem,’ and claiming Europe may be facing ‘Great White Death’ because of Muslim immigrants.

“Hoekstra is a former member of Congress and Trump administration ambassador who was elected the Michigan GOP chair earlier this year after a bizarre power struggle ousted far-right commentator Kristina Karamo. (Karamo has her own history of anti-Muslim remarks.) He has been a distinguished senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute since at least 2022. He has written dozens of pieces for the organization since 2021 and has continued to write for Gatestone since he assumed the Michigan GOP chair.” 

Politico: “Trump campaign asks for cut of candidates’ fundraising when they use his name and likeness”

“Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has found a new way to press for badly needed cash.

“In a letter received by Republican digital vendors this week, the Trump campaign is asking for down-ballot candidates who use his name, image and likeness in fundraising appeals to give at least 5 percent of the proceeds to the campaign.

“The letter comes as Trump is struggling to close a fundraising gap with President Joe Biden. Biden’s campaign has said that it has raised over $190 million, more than double what Trump has taken in.”

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