In response to James Craig’s 28th national network appearance and brief Tucker Carlson hit in which he definitively announced “I’m running” for governor of Michigan despite already being a candidate as of early this morning, MDP spokesperson Rodericka Applewhaite issued the following statement:

“Tonight, James Craig made his 28th national network appearance only to bring absolutely nothing new to the table in his ‘exclusive’ with Tucker Carlson. In sidestepping local reporters and Michigan voters alike, Craig once again showed that he’s nothing but a typical politician that will go through whatever lengths necessary to avoid establishing where he stands on every key issue imaginable, whether it be healthcare, public education, roads, or maintaining the momentum of our recovering economy. Our working families deserve a leader that is going to put them first, which is exactly what Governor Whitmer has shown with the major investments she’s recently made into all of these sectors — all without raising taxes.”

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